On the topic of Tim Tebow…

Tim Tebow creates controversy because he wears his religion on his sleeve. Non-religious people (and even some religious ones) don’t like being preached to and find the super-faithful quite annoying. The other issue with Tebow is that he is a completely non-traditional QB, and that opens him up to football criticism from people who don’t like him for other reasons, as well as his QB play.

I am a non-religious person but I don’t hate Tebow for his beliefs or lack of traditional QB skill. I root for him because I think he’s a good, genuine person. The world needs more good, genuine people. If he proves to be a hypocrite in his personal life, I will stop rooting for him.

If there is a God, I doubt he spends his time manipulating the outcome of football games. There are Tebow supporters who point to his success as proof that God exists. I find this notion to be ridiculous, but they are entitled to their beliefs.

I do believe that Tebow can find long-term success as a NFL quarterback. He brings enough to the table in the other areas of the job that make up for his shortcomings as a passer. As we’ve seen throughout the season, he can typically make enough throws to keep his team competitive, and he should only get better with practice.

No matter how the Broncos fare against the Patriots next week, Tebow’s season was a success. I wouldn’t describe it as a resounding success, but he showed enough potential, moxie and leadership to earn him QB1 honors in Denver to start the 2012 season. I’m interested to see where his career goes from here, as it’s always fun to see a player with an unorthodox style help to redefine a position, much like Steve Young, Randall Cunningham and Michael Vick did before him.

8 Responses to “On the topic of Tim Tebow…”

  • the world:

    you may go to hell for comparing Tebow to the devil that is Vick.

  • Lee:

    I’ll call his season a resounding success. He could have spent the entire season on the bench and finds himself in the second round of the playoffs in his second season. He must be under lot’s of pressure after the last three games of the regular season, not to mention the pressure that comes with the playoffs, and he’s still winning. I for one am enjoying his story even more than T. Romo’s first season. I would also like to say congrats to you for your performance in ranking players this year. I look forward to following you next year. Keep up the good work.

  • Long Island , NY:

    God Bless everyone and their future 2012 fantasy football teams.

  • Lukas:

    I hate how the media covers Tebow. You cant compare Tebow with other qbs because he plays a completely different style. Their offense is centered around running the ball. Defenses have to respect that by putting more men in the box to stop it. This leaves Tebow with a lot of simple reads and 1v1 to take advantage of. Obviously if Brady or Brees had the same type of looks Tebow had they would kill it every time but they dont because they dont have the same ability to run the ball and find running lanes as Tebow does. Its like comparing apples and oranges.

    John you nailed it by saying he is “a player with an unorthodox style help to redefine a position”. Just sit back and enjoy the show, as ugly as his passing can be at times. Tebow is going to do it his way, traditional or not.

    • Long Island , NY:

      You mean Elway will do it his way, traditional or not. Still, it looks like more college football out of Denver.

    • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot:

      Sat back all game waiting for the show to start. No joy. This guy sucks, plain and simple. Good luck drafting him next season, especially in money leauges.

    • Jim Jones:

      Keep drinking the Cool – Aid on Tim Tebow.

      Let’s not forget that Tim did great against Chad Henne, Marion Barber running out of bounds. and Denver ST’s recovering on side kicks.

      Sit back and enjoy the show? You gotta be shittin me.