Week 11 Fantasy Football Rankings

FantasyPros Accuracy Update: I finished #12 overall for Week 10 and stayed at #2 YTD, closing the gap a bit on Pat Fitzmaurice of Pro Football Weekly.

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Updated 11/20/11

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27 Responses to “Week 11 Fantasy Football Rankings”

  • Josh:

    PPR league looking for a WR for week 11. Curious why you and others have Avant listed ahead of S.Smith — Smith had ten targets last week to Avant’s one. Assuming Maclin does not play, is there something I am missing? Is it Vick versus V.Young, is it something AZ did last week, do you have the number of snaps each played last week? Thanks.

    • John Paulsen:

      I am assuming Maclin (#24) will play at this point. That may change. Avant is the slot guy so his PT is less affected by Maclin’s presence.

  • Guy:

    What can i expect from andre johnson, i gave up a ton to get him back in week 8, boldin, marshall and hillis and he still hasnt played. Can i expect to get my money’s worth on him or should I get what I can get now. It is a ppr league and im in second place by a solid margin and should be able to hold it until the playoffs, what do you think.

    • John Paulsen:

      He’s expecting to play in W12. I would expect WR2 numbers from him with Leinart under center.

  • K9ny:


    Malcom Floyd (hip) missed Chargers practice Wednesday.

    Vincent Brown is moving up the ranks in my book.

    Do you agree?

    Thank you for your assistance.

    • John Paulsen:

      I do agree and have him at #33 right now. Might move him up a tad, but the Bears are a tough matchup for WRs.

  • I really like what Greg Little is doing as far as targets are concerned, and he finally played well last week (albeit against STL). Why is he SO low, and also, why has DHB vanished from existence?

  • Eric:

    John, I am in a bind at RB2 after AP, I am between Battle, Ball and Ogbyonnaya. And, as you know, I am in even more of a bind because Ball plays tomorrow night. As of this morning I was leaning towards Ball because of the Broncos new commitment to the run the injuries ahead of him on the depth chart. I see you have Ball ranked last, is this because of the matchup? Also, would McGahee not playing or being very questionable give Ball a large bump up? Thanks.

  • dan:

    Seriously, who would have thought Bradford would have been so bad this year? I thought he was going to be my sleeper pick in my draft, but he has been pretty bad lately.

  • Andrew:

    John, I traded MJD and a few insignificant players for McFadden a few weeks ago. My thinking was that I would rather have McFadden for the playoffs, even though he was hurt then (and still is). His injury has dragged on though. When do you think McFadden will play and play effectively? What do you think of this move?

  • max:

    i pretty much declared a.j. green a must start after watching that td, but was quickly refuted by his limp on the sideline… i know he’s got the talent, but do you expect him to keep putting up numbers despite his injury? still a starter?

  • K9ny:


    Who is your favorite team you root for in the NFL ?

    Sure hope you do not pick the one team I dislike the most.


  • Bill:

    What do think about trading Nate Washington and BJGE for Michael Turner? Fair on both sides or unbalanced?


  • GTW:

    Hey JP,
    My leagues at the trade deadline and I’ve got an opportunity to upgrade by dealing Eli (also have Rodgers) to an owner who lost Schaub. He’s currently rostering Vince Young and Rex Grossman with no better options on the wire. The problem is, the other owner is in 2nd place and 1 game behind me with an otherwise stacked squad. My original offer of Eli + SJax + Colston for R Rice + Ricky Williams + Nicks was rejected so I was wondering if I should shut down trade talks now. Eli + SJax for Rice and Ricky seems like I’d be helping him more than myself so if I do make another offer it would probably be Eli + SJax + Miles for Rice + Ricky + Jordy. I really need a reasonable starter this week due to byes/injuries which is why I was willing to part with Colston and potentially Miles.

    Sorry for the long question but it’s the first truly strategic move I’ve had to make all year and I’d appreciate any insight you can give. Keep up the impressive Title defense at FantasyPros.com.

    • John Paulsen:

      If he’s your biggest competition, I wouldn’t help him unless you can work out a deal that is heavily in your favor, and it doesn’t sound like he’s interested in that kind of a deal. Shut it down and find a decent starter on the waiver wire. My Sneaky Starts article at 4for4.com might be able to help.

  • D:

    Hi Jon,

    Ive been following your rankings since last season. Which I did win with your help. Thank you.

    Mcgahee is on the waiver wire in my league right until Nov.20

    I’m looking to upgrade my RB2 position. And thinking of picking him up except I’m not sure if I should drop any of my guys.

    My roster –

    QB: Roethlisberger,Tebow,Fitzpatrick
    RB: Ray Rice, Wells, Ben Tate
    WR: S. Johnson, Megatron, Miles Austin.

    11- team league.

    • John Paulsen:

      I don’t think you need three QBs — I’d probably cut Tebow due to Fitzpatrick’s favorable playoff schedule, but you could cut Fitzy instead.

  • JStern:

    With Maclin and Vick now OUT, and after having already decided to sit Little in favor of Damian Williams, who gets the start, Smith or Williams?

  • Johnny:


    With Maclin and Vick OUT, what does that do to DeSean value, does it actually go up or down ?


  • max:

    would you still consider bowe a starter with cassel out? also, is tyler palko really as bad everyone says?