DT ROS SOS: Week 11

DT ROS SOS = Defensive Team Rest-of-Season Strength of Schedule

The table below shows the relative strength of the matchups for DTs for the rest of the season. The bigger the number (i.e. fantasy points), the better the matchup. Green indicates a good matchup while light red indicates a matchup to avoid. “ROS” averages the Schedule-Adjusted SOS for the remainder of the season, excluding Week 17.

This is simply strength of schedule and does not take into account the quality of the DT in question. Use this table to compare two or more similar DTs.

Note: 4for4.com offers Schedule-Adjusted SOS for QB, RB, WR, TE and K.

5 Responses to “DT ROS SOS: Week 11”

  • K9ny:


    What are your thoughts on NE D/ST for the rest of the season?

    Decent match play or risky ?



    • John Paulsen:


      I’ll use them in DTBWW, but all DTBWW picks are inherently risky. All defenses in general are risky — just look a the egg the BAL DT laid in Seattle last week.

  • Jaymz:

    Which two of these guys would you want as a back up the rest of the season? Helu, Ingram or Battle. Who would be the better spot play this week Helu or Battle?

    • K9ny:

      I would start Battle this week.

      ROS – Battle , Ingram, I say good-bye you say Helu.

      The Shrinks Week 11 rankings will be posted soon.

  • Kalu:

    Thoughts on Buffalo rest of season potential?