DT ROS SOS: Week 9

DT ROS SOS = Defensive Team Rest-of-Season Strength of Schedule

The table below shows the relative strength of the matchups for DTs for the rest of the season. The bigger the number (i.e. fantasy points), the better the matchup. Green indicates a good matchup while light red indicates a matchup to avoid. “ROS” averages the Schedule-Adjusted SOS for the remainder of the season, excluding Week 17.

Note: 4for4.com offers Schedule-Adjusted SOS for QB, RB, WR, TE and K. It’s wicked cool.

8 Responses to “DT ROS SOS: Week 9”

  • Steve:

    So do the numbers represent the projected fantasy points for the teams each week?

    • John Paulsen:

      No, this doesn’t take into account the quality of the defense in question, just the strength of its schedule. For example, the NE DT has a better remaining schedule than the SF DT, but you’d still want to pick up the 49ers since they have a far better fantasy defense.

  • Judy:

    Does this include special teams stats?

  • will:

    Hi John…. so if I’m understanding correctly…. the numbers only refer to how good the offense is they’re playing – not how good that particular defense is…. A bad defense against a bad offense doesn’t necessarily equate to a good pick-up for fantasy football… am I following correctly? I guess you kinda sorta already answered this with the first guys question – just wanting to clarify…

    That said – I appreciate a chart like this… I run multiple teams and in 2 of them I’ve gone to a rolling Defense … whoever is available with the best match-up….

    Thanks in advance for your response!

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