Week 8 Fantasy Football Rankings

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Updated 10/29/11

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I’m still holding strong at #3 in the FantasyPros accuracy study (that I won last year).

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  • Mike:

    Always appreciate your rankings which have helped me immensely this season. I have Stafford at QB and Ryan as my back-up who is on bye this week. If Stafford doesn’t play due to his injury, would you recommend starting Andy Dalton or picking up Shaun Hill and starting him?


  • Patrick:

    Been offered a trade in a 12 team standard league. I give Cam Newton and 1 of my bench backs (Lynch, Stewart, or Battle) for Ryan Mathews & Phillip Rivers. I also have Romo. Rather keep Cam and deal Romo but no one seems interested. Good deal?

    Thanks for the help!

  • James:

    Hey John! You two cents got me big points last week! No pressure on this one. :)

    Pierre Garcon, Brandon Lloyd, Victor Cruz, and Pierre Thomas. I need help picking one WR and one FLEX.



    • John Paulsen:

      I’d go with Pierre in the flex (assuming Ingram won’t play, which I doubt he will) and Garcon at WR. Garcon/Lloyd are a toss up, but Painter/Garcon have shown a great rapport thus far despite the debacle in New Orleans.

  • Brandon:


    Thanks for the rankings! One quick question: I just pulled off a huge trade fro Wes Welker (gave up Demarco Murray to a guy who had zero good running backs) and, obviously, Welker is a must start. But now I’m left to choose between Marques Colston and Vincent Jackson. Who do you think has the better upside this week?

  • the_berger:

    Total nightmare team, holding on by a thread (0.5PPR league, bonuses for long TDs) in a league where total points determines last few playoff spots. I’m contemplating trading Megatron, Tolbert and M Williams TB for CJ2k, V Jackson and Dez Bryant? I’d be giving up the best and most consistent WR so far and a steady 10pt/gm from Tolbert plus a disappoint for a RB1 bust and two WRs hampered by nagging injuries however all three could blow up for me in the home stretch. I’m torn b/c Megatron is basically my team as my roster consists of WR3s and RB2s after him. Am I insane or should I pull the trigger on the trade?

  • Ivan:

    In a ppr league I got offered Roethlisberger and McFadden for Stevie Johnson and Sproles, my QB right now is Fitzpatrick, is this a good trade?

    • John Paulsen:

      It’s fair if you have WRs to cover for the loss of Stevie. The other owner is probably worried about DMC’s foot. Are you?

  • Willie:

    Hello John,
    I have Kevin Walter (TB) on my bench. Thinking about dropping him and picking up Jabbar Gaffney as he is a FA. Looking for the better back up going forward. What do you think?

  • Jake:

    I’m in a 0.5 PPR (1/2 PR?) league and am debating who I should put in my flex position. My options are: Torain, Ingram, Cruz or Fred Davis. I have Gates in my starting TE position currently, so I could always switch Davis there, but I think Gates will have a good week. Right now I’m leaning towards Torain in the FLEX spot. Who should I put as my flex?


    • Jesse:

      I say go with Cruz, maybe Davis.

      Ingram is likely out, and I don’t trust the Shannahanigans that take place with RBs in Washington. Plus, Torain is a little dinged up.

      I am always nervous regarding the Giants (think Seattle), but Cruz against a dismal Miami is not a bad gig.
      Cruz is your risk play.

      Davis is more of a solid play. I don’t really see any “blow-ups” from him, but he should earn a steady “fantasy paycheck” for you this week…

      Since you said “flex”, my final answer is: Take the risk; go with Cruz.

  • Bill:

    Hey John,

    This is my first time posting here, Ive heard good things about your advice.

    Which would be a better deal to help me for the rest of the season? Me trading Jordy Nelson for Hillis, Pierre Thomas, or Jonathan Stewart? My Current RB’s are BJGE, Hardesty, and Bush and my WR’s are Bryant, Fitz, Washington, Nelson, Meachem, Naanee, and Jacoby Jones.

    Thanks for the help!

    • John Paulsen:

      Safest trade would be for J-Stew. He’s a fringe RB2 as it stands and has some big upside if DeAngelo Williams goes down. I could also make a case for Hillis — he could have RB1 value if he can get it going, but it’s not looking great right now.

      • Bill:

        Also, if you have time to answer:

        Which player do you think will be better for the remainder of the season, Daniel Thomas or Marshawn Lynch? Thomas has good playoff week matchups but Lynch has been playing better the last couple of weeks, save for his late scratch last week.

        Thanks again.

  • Johnny:

    Hey JP,

    Been taking your advice for a few years, and you are simply the BEST. With that said, YOU’RE GOING DOWN THIS WEEK ON FANDUEL !!! … hehehe

    It’s a good chance to see how us players fair against the master. I’ll let you know the result on Tuesday.


    • John Paulsen:

      I will say this – readers have a fighting chance thanks to 4for4, which publishes FanDuel value reports every week. But still, YOU ARE GOING DOWN.

      Link to contest: http://bit.ly/pB56TN

      I’m playing for the American Heart Association.

  • John:


    Avid follower =D, question on a trade.
    I currently have
    QB – Aaron Rodgers, Joe Flacco
    RB – Le McCoy, F Gore, D Sproles
    WR – H Nicks, AJ Green, Dez Bryant

    Friend wants to trade
    M Stafford, L Fitzgerald for A Rodgers and D Sproles

    I’m saying no…but any advice?


  • Jason:

    Have dmc but kinda worried about his foot. Was planning on using hillis/hardesty while he’s out but an not too confident in them. I’m pretty deep at wr w megatron colston and mike wallace.was offered welker and bradshaw for megatron and hillis. Do I do it?

  • Andy:

    I’m curious where you would place Beanie if he were definitely playing this weekend.

  • Steve:


    I need a sneaky flex play this week with half my team on bye, I was hoping you could explain Donald Brown and his big jump in the rankings. Right now I have my back up TE Dickson in the flex spot and I feel I can drop him with Gates looking healthy(fingers crossed while kncoking on wood)….Right? Anyway you flike DB to do productive this week?….please explain.


  • max:

    big matchup this week… really need the win and my WR situation has me freakin out… just traded demarco murray for dwayne bowe to someone who only had 1 viable RB, but the trade doesnt go in till tuesday! so for this sunday, ive got j. maclin @ DAL, m. austin @ PHI, and a.j. green @ SEA playing, and b. marshall @ NYG and n. washington @ IND, and s. rice @ CIN on the bench… do you think miles austin will be able to perform against philly’s pass D? or is it worth putting in washington and playing the matchup?

  • Steve:


    I have Big Ben and my opponent went out and picked up Heath Miller and Emanual Sanders. Does this hurt my QB position and should I consider playing Tebow instead?


  • green:

    What do you think of this trade:
    I give Aaron Hernandez and michael crabtree
    I get Cam Newton and Brandon Petigrew
    I already have both matt ryan and tim tebow no my roster and have celek to replace hernandez or i can just use pettigrew and have sidney rice to replace crabtree
    it is a ppr league

  • Brian:

    I am a 4for4 member. But I was offered a trade of gronk for jackson.

  • John Paulsen:

    Depends on my roster needs. I think Jackson holds a bit more value with Hernandez back for NE.

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