Week 3 Rankings

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  • Alex:

    Really hoping you’re wrong this week, or my team is in for a hurting haha. Still appreciate the rankings though.

  • Mike:

    How much higher would you rank Eric Decker if Brandon Lloyd doesn’t play this week?


  • JOhnny:

    Hey JP,

    Is the ranking for McGahee with or without Moreno playing ?

  • John:

    Is David Nelson or Fred Davis a better long-term pickup?

  • MattO:

    Hey JP,

    I have Alex Henery, but have a shot at Jason Hanson? Make the switch?

    Thanks very much – your picks have helped A TON.

  • Scott:

    What’s your overall feeling for Jacoby Ford? I saw a few sites, including yours, that had him a lot higher than I would have put him. I now have him on my bench, but other WRs are available in my league (Ocho, Denarius Moore, D Branch, M Thomas). Should I dump Ford for any of these guys?

  • mike:

    Hey JP,

    I have the number 1 waiver priority in my league and someone this week dropped fred davis. I have brandon pettigrew and i feel tight end is my weakest area on the team. Should I use my number 1 waiver priority on davis (dropping pettigrew or deji karim) or wait just in case a significant injury happens and I have first dibs at the key player who benefits (i.e. redman if mendenhall suffers an injury)?

    The other tight ends I have considered that are current FAs are moore, chandler, dickson, kendricks, and shockey. I have santana moss and hightower as well, and usually one, if not both will be starting each week depending on match-ups. Should I take that into consideration with using my priority on davis (putting all my eggs in the redskins basket sort of thing)? I also worry about cooley taking targets away from davis as the season progresses.

    Of course I could always take the unlikely chance of davis slipping through waivers and picking him up immediately (unfortunately that plan didnt work for dustin keller).

    Your advice would be much appreciated.


    • John Paulsen:

      Yes, hopefully you picked up Davis. I really like him rest of season.

      Are you a 4for4 subscriber? Please see this.

      • mike:

        Thanks for the quick reply. I was leaning towards picking him up with my #1, and will do just that. Cant pass up on another top 8 (potentially 5) TE with the waiver wire becoming thin. I will look into that 4for4 website. Looks very sweet.

        Thanks again.

        • mike:

          hey all,

          i was just offered winslow for Jonathan stewart. i consider him by 6th best rb. should i use my number 1 waiver priority on fred davis, or do this trade and keep that waiver priority? this may have more to do with actual strategy than just plain player value.

          thoughts anyone?

  • Phillip James:

    Hey John, tentative about starting Daniel Thomas and David Nelson. Considering my other options are Lance Moore (rusty, first full practice Wednesday) and Tim Hightower, the upside sits with the two I intend to start no? And how soon should I be dropping Nelson or Moore for Danny Amendola, knowing he has full range of motion and should be back by Week 5 at the latest?

    • John Paulsen:

      Nelson I like over Moore. Not sure about THT over Thomas. Bush has/had a groin injury which might be why they gave Thomas so much work last week. I wouldn’t cut Nelson/Moore for Amendola at this point. I think both players are better ROS.

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  • ilikeike:

    Hey JP,

    I’m a former Jamaal Charles owner and our waivers process tomorrow morning.
    Which high upside lottery ticket would you buy:

    Isaac Redman, Bilal Powell or Roy Helu?

    (I have Tim Hightower. so Helu has extra insurance benefit but wouldnt help come bye weeks…)

    Thanks, man.

  • Roland:

    I’m thinking of starting Jordy Nelson instead of D. Bowe. Charles is out, so SD will likely do everything to stop KCs second weapon. My other 2 WR are M. Wallace and A. Boldin

    • John Paulsen:

      Nelson could have easily had a goose egg last week. I would go with Bowe — SD is a bad matchup, but he’ll see a ton of targets.

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  • Geoff:

    Hi JP, I am a new follower of your site. Much thanks for sharing your considerable knowledge. I see your QB rankings…..but would you really start Cam Newton over Schuab this week? The NO/HOU match up has all the makings of a shootout and JAC/CAR very well could be a running fest. Can you give us a little insight? Thanks again.

    • John Paulsen:

      Check out Cam’s pass attempts versus the total number of runs for DeAngelo & J. Stewart. CAR throws the ball all over the field now. Schaub is a good start, but Cam is on fire right now, fantasy-wise.

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  • Dan:

    So you’re not expecting much out of McCluster are you?

  • lp:

    Great site! What is ECR stand for in your rankings…….estimated consensus ranking?

  • Matt:

    I know this has probably been asked, but what does ERC stand for ?

  • Justin:

    Hey John I have a tough decision this week I need your advice! Now should I start James Starks or Benjarvus Green-Ellis? also I have a really hard WR decision, Nate Burleson or Nate Washington? Thanks John, I appreciate it.

  • James Murphy:


    I just subscribed to 4fof4. Can you tell me how much injuries play when you determine yoru rankings? Do you assume ranked players are playing healhty? I own Moreno and Felix, curious on your thoughts for this week and the rest of the year for these 2.


  • Gary:

    Assuming my roster is relatively balanced, who do you think has the most potential upside for the rest of the year? Lance Kendricks, Germaine Gresham, Evan Moore, David Nelson, San Diego defense


  • Dan:


    I can’t decide who to put in this week for my Flex position… Daniel Thomas (MIA) or DeSean Jackson … Thomas has been doing good but do you think Jackson is worth putting in because Maclin got all the passes last week.

  • Mike:


    I have really appreciated your advice.

    I have both Matthew Stafford and Matt Ryan on my roster in a 12 team (non-ppr) league and am weak at my 3rd receiver spot. Each team starts 1 qb, 2rbs, flex, 3 receivers, te, etc. Would you recommend that I try to trade Ryan for a top flight receiver to a qb needy team or should I hold onto him because of Stafford’s incredible injury history? The waiver wire is kind of weak with back-up options in Hasselbeck, Grossman, Dalton, etc.

    Thanks for your advice.

  • JOhnny:

    Hey JP,

    If Benson got suspended for 3 games, is Benard Scott worthy of a roster spot over Reggie Bush or Robert Meachem ?

  • Rick:

    Hey John P,

    I know you have Witten ranked higher than Fred Davis, but with Romos injury, you think it will be safer to play Fred Davis.

    Or should I bet on Romo being amazing and the fact that Austin is not there..

    Similar question with Desaun Jackson and A.J Green…Desaun is higher ranked but Vick does have a concussion..

    • John Paulsen:

      Witten was huge with Kitna last year. I think Both D-Jax and Green will have big games this week. Vick looks like he’s good to go.

      Are you a 4for4 subscriber? Please see this.

  • Andrew:

    Is it worth dropping Mike Thomas (my WR5) for Knoshown Moreno (he just ended up in the waiver wire today)? I’m a little hurting at RB: Rice, Hillis, Ingram, B. Jacobs, B. Scott., Reggie Bush.

  • John,

    I find myself with cam, fitzpatrick, and big ben. Trade offer for big ben and M. Bush for J. Stewart and P. Harvin. I need to unload a QB to add some depth to my bench. I am hesitant because I know they are limiting P. Harvins targets.

  • LP:

    I was curious as to why you have both Meachem and Hendersen over MSW. New Orleans is a crap shoot as far as which WR will go off on a weekly basis and Moore has been a full go at practice this week. Moreover, Wade Phillips blitz happy pressure defense will force Brees to get rid of the ball quickly to RBs, Moore in the slot, and TE Graham. I am thinking MSW will have a good day with injuries to BAL CBs and their inability to bring pressure. BAL has allowed 4 outside receivers to have over 60 yards in 2 games. I am guessing that you believe that this game will be a shoot out?

    Could you please rank the following for flex position: F. Jones, P. Thomas, MSW, Meachem, DeAngelo Williams


  • Russ:

    Hi John,

    Need help assessing a trade. In a standard league starting qb, 2rb, 3wr, te, k, def… I have freeman, fitzpatrick, foster, bradshaw, best, jacobs, daniel thomas, mike wallace, vjax, marshall, jordy nelson, denarius moore, graham, marcedes… I have been offered jennings for daniel thomas and jordy nelson. Since thomas is my RB4/5 and Nelson is my WR4 should i make the trade? only reason i hesistate is because of foster’s hammy. if he never heals then i have no bye week replacement. He also has fitzgerald. should I counter for fitz?


  • JP,

    first of all, thanks for the ranks. Quick question, should I trade Starks and Hakeem Nicks for Kenny Britt, or is Britt a fluke. I see future potential in Starks, but I also have Wells, MJD, D. Thomas, and Helu (future value) on my team… so i need a WR right now. What do you think?

    I also have Brandon Marshall, Maclin and Harvin as receivers. (10 man league, normal espn rules)

    Thanks, and good luck this weekend.

    • John Paulsen:

      Britt is not a fluke, but I wouldn’t trade Nicks and Starks for him. That’s too much to give up. You are fine at WR.

      • Thanks JP! Also, I am really wanting to start Daniel Thomas over Starks. Should I risk it? Also, I cancelled the trade thanks to your advise, as for starters for this week. Maclin or Hicks?

        Starting Line-up

        Starks Or D Thomas
        Brandon Marshall
        Maclin or Hicks
        Cowboys D

        Thanks again, have a great weekend!

  • Rouge:

    Is Randy McMichael worth a handcuff for Antonio Gates owners?

  • Michael:

    Hey there John, I currently have Big Ben and Eli Manning as my QB’s and considering a trade involving Eli for Ryan Fitzpatrick. You think this could be a good move or do you expect things to simmer down for Ryan? Thanks!!

    • Eli has no receivers (except for an injured Nicks). Fitzgerald shows promise so far. I think its worth the trade, plus you have Big Ben to fall on in case any potential downfall of Fitz.

      • I meant Fitzpatrick, not Fitzgerald. BTW, I am sorry I responded, I know you are looking for JP’s answer, but I thought I would add my two cents. Obviously, they don’t compare, but hopefully it help you out. Take care, and best of luck this week.

        • Michael:

          Ha ha! Thanks James. I was hoping to hear from John but I do appreciate the reply. It was good input! You’re right about Eli’s receivers hurting and I think I like Fitz’ schedule come playoff time better. I feel pretty good about the trade but needed a second opinoin. Thanks and best of luck to you this week as well!

  • Travis:

    Hey there John, always really appreciate your stat evaluations and recommendations.

    In Week 3, would you start Jordy Nelson over David Nelson? Or Santonio Holmes for that matter? I’m worried that the Bears’ defense will keep Jordy well covered vs. David Nelson playing against the weak WR defensive Patriots.

    How would you rate the likelihood of Holmes playing well this week in spite of his quadracep issues? He’s listed as probable and Rex Ryan said he’s playing Sunday, I’m just concerned if he will do well enough to warrant his position in my starting lineup.

    In advance, thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions, I really appreciate the advice.

    • John Paulsen:

      I just got around to approving this question, Travis. It’s a positional question that can be answered by my rankings.

  • Charlie:

    Hey John:

    I have Vick, Newton and Grossman. Need help at RB. Would you move Vick for a RB and roll dice with newton/Grossman?
    RBs are Tate, Wells, Felix

    Is Vick/Dez for R.Rice something to consider?

    • John Paulsen:

      You should be good with Newton/Grossman going forward so if you can get a stud RB for Vick, you should probably do it.

  • Russ:

    Hi John,

    Is your ranking of Beanie Wells accounting for the game time decision? If not, I am wondering who you would fill a flex option with (PPR Scoring System) between Wells, Woodhead, Julio Jones or Dustin Keller (Choose 1). Thanks!

  • Brandon:


    This is my first time using this forum but I need some guidance. I’ve been proposed a trade where I would trade Fred Jackson and Deion Branch for Greg Jennings and Joseph Addai. I’ve already got Arian Foster, Ben Tate, Frank Gore, Felix Jones and Darren Sproles as my RBs and I’ve got VJax, Santonio Holmes and Deion as my WRs. Jackson has been great this year so far, but the problem is if he can keep it up. He’s also got a much more difficult schedule coming up. I just can’t decide if its worth it.

  • Sean:

    Hey John, I’m currently in a 16 team league, I have Danario Alexander on my roster but I’m not sold on his performance last week. I’m considering dropping him for Donald Jones (who i’m leaning towards), Preston Parker, Titus Young, Andre Roberts ,and Jacoby Jones. Any help would be deeply appreciated.

    • John Paulsen:

      Alexander, Parker, Young have some upside while I think Jones and Roberts are PPR guys. I’d probably go with Jones or Alexander. Maybe see how Alexander does today.

  • K:

    Start Fred Jackson or Ahmad Bradshaw in PPR league? I see you have Bradshaw ranked over Jackson so you must think Bradshaw will come alive and Jackson will cool off?

    • John Paulsen:

      I think they’re both good starts. PHI is vulnerable against the run so I think Bradshaw is the better bet for a good day. I worry a little about BUF abandoning the run trying to keep up with NE.

  • Jim Ponce:

    Hey, John, I’ve been glued to your rankings ever since I won my leagues last year, so a huge Thanks! for that :-)

    My question now is, do you update your rankings, and if so, on what day? When I visit fantasyshrink, the date always lists the first day you upload your rankings..

    Thanks, and because of you, I decided to join 4 for 4, and it freakin’ rocks!


  • Dan:

    Haha, my team is so beat up I’m starting Jimmy Graham and Fred Davis.

  • Sam:

    Hey John,

    I have Jermichael and Gronkowski. I’m in a great situation here, but which one would you try to sell at this point. I’m trying to package one of them and Peyton Hillis for a WR1.


  • Mike:

    Hey John,

    What do you think of the season-long prospects of David Nelson, Eric Decker, and Denarius Moore? I’m looking to package one of these three with another player in a deal for Rob Gronkowski or Jermichael Finley, as another owner in my league has both on his roster. Who would you look to offload?

    Thanks a lot,

    • John Paulsen:

      I’d put Nelson and Moore slightly ahead of Decker, just due to the nature of John Fox’s run-first offense. I don’t know that it can support two fantasy relevant WRs now that Brandon Lloyd is healthy.

  • John:

    Jabar Gaffney or Roy Helu at FLEX tonight?

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