Step by step through another fantasy auction

To read about my first auction, click here. If you’re wondering about my auction strategy, start there.

Here are the details: 12-team slow auction PPR w/$400 cap; 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 flex, TE, K & DT

My second auction started two weeks ago and is just about complete. Using our revamped auction prices over at, I was confident that I was heading into my draft with a good idea of what each player was worth. We used 4for4′s Value Based Rankings to calculate dollar amounts per player, based on a customized percentage of total payroll (suggested: 90%) that will be used on the starting lineup. These prices were invaluable in helping me identify value as it emerged.

I began by going big on two studs — Adrian Peterson ($95) and Chris Johnson ($85). I was fairly optimistic about CJ2K when I bid on him, but now I’m regretting it a little. I thought the Titans’ position (that they would make Johnson the highest paid RB in the league) was enough, but I didn’t realize that he was looking for money beyond his position. While I do think something will get done before the season, I was concerned enough to nab Javon Ringer ($12) and Jamie Harper ($3) late in the draft. Gotta protect that investment.

I normally don’t bid too much on defenses or kickers, but I dropped $5 on the Packers DT early in the auction. Some of the elite defenses went for $6+ in my other auction, so I figured it was worth it so that I wouldn’t have to play Defensive Team By Waiver Wire in every league.

The next auction I won was Mario Manningham for $36, which was up from the $31 I spent on him in the first auction. In other words, his stock is rising. (In two recent expert drafts, he went in the 5th round, which means you can probably get him in the 6th in your friends and family league.) I was prepared to spend $40+ because I view him as a very solid WR2 in both standard and PPR formats.

Rob Gronkowski was nominated and I once again won him for $9. I simply think he’s undervalued and would be happy with him as my TE1. As it turns out, he’ll be my backup, but more on that later.

Santana Moss ($29) should make a fine WR3, though I am a bit concerned about John Beck at QB. Moss and Rex Grossman showed a nice rapport late last season and now he has to adjust to a new QB. At WR1, I went after Mike Williams, Stevie Johnson and Santonio Holmes, but they all went for $50+, which was more than I had budgeted. I settled for Austin Collie at $37. He’s risky, but when he’s playing, he’s WR1-caliber in PPR formats. To shore up the WR position, I won Mike Sims-Walker ($9), Terrell Owens ($1) and Steve Smith 2.0 ($1). I think MSW could have a nice year with Sam Bradford throwing to him in Josh McDaniels’ offense. I have no idea why Owens only went for $1 — he’s going to land somewhere and get WR1/WR2 targets and is still a top 20 WR talent-wise. I guess we’ll see.

By not extending myself at WR1, I was able to afford Dallas Clark for a discounted price of $28. His value at 4for4 was $42, so I felt I was better served putting my dollars towards an elite TE instead of overpaying for a low-end WR1. I could potentially start Gronkowski at the flex or possibly trade one of my TEs for help at another position if need be.

At RB, I got on the Tim Hightower train for $15 before he really cemented the RB1 job in Washington. I really like him as a RB3 in the 7th round of standard drafts. The only way I see him losing the job is if his fumbling problems resurface. I also nabbed Jonathan Stewart for $16. He’s a tough guy to value because he’s clearly a backup right now, but if DeAngelo Williams gets injured again, Stewart will have top 10 value.

At QB, I did what I normally do — look for value. And I found it in Matt Ryan, whom I locked up for $13 just before reports of Falcons’ desire to air it out hit the internet. People paying attention to the franchise this offseason could predict this shift in ideology, especially after the thrashing the team took at the hands of the Packers in the playoffs and their subsequent moves on draft night to acquire Julio Jones. I am high on the entire Atlanta offense this year, including WR3 Harry Douglas, who is drawing rave reviews at camp.

From there, I targeted Peterson’s backup, Toby Gerhart ($1), and the up-and-coming Colt McCoy ($2), whose schedule meshes nicely with Ryan’s. I also nominated Stephen Gostkowski and won him for $1 while the rest of the league was focused on other positions.

Here is my complete roster:

QB: Ryan, McCoy
RB: Peterson, CJ2K, Hightower, Stewart, Ringer, Harper, Gerhart
WR: Manningham, Collie, S. Moss, MSW, T.O., Smith 2.0
TE: Clark, Gronkowski
K: Gostkowski
DT: Packers

6 Responses to “Step by step through another fantasy auction”

  • David:

    Hey John,

    Do the folks at offer trial memberships?


    • John Paulsen:

      The site was free through Aug 4, I believe. There are no trial memberships at this point. If you are interested in a specific section of the site, email me using the link in the right sidebar and maybe I can help you.

  • tfd:

    I’m really wondering why you are playing so much into Manningham. I’m a redditor and I remember you talking about him back then. I understand Steve Smith is gone and Manningham is going to step in as WR2 for the NYG, but do you really think he’s going to have that great of a year? What makes you feel that way. He definitely has speed and proved himself last season but I would not take him as my first receiver. I don’t know. I just feel like people are talking too highly about him.
    Second, and maybe more telling of my prior comments, I am a Redskins fan. I watch their games very closely and I truly don’t feel like Moss and Grossman have a good rapport at all. Grossman targeted Armstrong a lot last year, and he has continued to hit him in the preseason. That being said, I don’t even think Grossman will be the starter this year for the Skins. Beck will win the job.
    Regardless, this is a great team you have here. Kudos. I’ve just seen you talk so highly about Manningham. Maybe it’s just that I’m a Skins fan, but I really don’t think he will be as valuable as most people say he is going to be.

    • John Paulsen:

      Here’s what I wrote about Manningham at 4for4 prior to Smith’s departure:

      With Steve Smith likely starting the season on PUP (and not yet re-signed), the door is wide open for Mario Manningham to build on his breakout season (60-944-9). In the eight games that Smith missed (or was a non-factor) late last season, Manningham averaged 4.4-70-0.8, which are WR8 numbers. Smith is still a worry, but Manningham’s arrow is pointing up and he has a good opportunity to crack the top 15 this season. He’s almost a sure bet to outplay his current draft position.

      As for Grossman/Moss, I watched the WAS/DAL game again and the duo hooked up on several nice catches. I think Grossman’s strong arm is a good match for Moss’s deep ins, but it looks as if Rex may not even be the QB in WAS this year. We’ll see.

      • Alex:

        I also love the potential of Manningham, I think he’s going to continue to impress this season. Unfortunately I also have Nicks on my team and will probably end up trading Manningham. I got him at way too good of a draft position to pass him up and am hoping he could be a good value to trade.

        • John Paulsen:

          Having Nicks on your roster is not a reason to trade Manningham. You could start both most weeks and be in good shape. Plus they both provide insurance for each other.

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