The Big Board: TEs

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Assumes 6 pt per TD, 1 pt per 10 yards rush/rec
Updated 9/5/11

3 Responses to “The Big Board: TEs”

  • David B:


    Our league gives 1.5 PPR for the TE and 1 PPR for WR/RB. In that format, how soon would you try and grab the top tier TEs?

    • John Paulsen:

      It doesn’t change my strategy too much because I’m already targeting Gates in the 3/4 area and Witten/Clark/Finley in the 5th, though I would probably consider Gates earlier in the 3rd or those other guys in the 4th. With the depth at TE, I wouldn’t mind letting other owners reach and then grab Gronkowski/Daniels/Graham/Winslow/Keller/Lewis later on.

      • brent:

        i think you got witten much too high,i have been an owner of witten for 2 yrs straight and last yr when romo was the qb he ignored witten most games in order to throw to miles and dez,i suspect this will be the case again this yr with romo at the helm

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