John Paulsen to join as Contributing Editor

In news that will surely rock the fantasy football world (or more likely cause a small, almost unnoticeable tremor), I’ll be joining Fantasy Football in a part-time capacity for the 2011 season.

I met the site’s Executive Editor, Josh Moore, through Twitter as a result of FantasyPros’ expert accuracy contest. We both finished in the top 5 and started chatting as the season wound down. I could tell he was a good guy, and as the spring and summer wore on, we discussed the possibility that I would do some writing for 4for4, which is a well-designed, subscription-based fantasy football site with a focus on projections, custom scoring tools and other valuable goodies.

At some point in mid-June, Josh and I came to an agreement for the 2011 season, and even started working together on a project of which I’m particularly proud.

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce the ADP Draft Planner.

This was an idea that has brewing in the back of my mind for a couple of years now. When planning for a fantasy draft, I thought it would be extremely helpful for owners to know the odds that a particular player (or a group of players) would be available at a certain draft spot. While the idea came easily, actually developing such a tool is not in my wheelhouse. This is where Josh’s excellent programming skills came into play. Within a week, we had a working prototype that pulled in actual draft data from MyFantasyLeague and at that point I knew I was making a good decision in joining the 4for4 team.

Want to know the chances of Stevie Johnson or Jeremy Maclin being there at 4.12? The ADP Draft Planner can tell you.

Wondering if a top 4 TE will slip to 5.10? The ADP Draft Planner can tell you.

Thinking about waiting until 8.08 to draft your QB, and wondering if Matt Ryan, Sam Bradford or Eli Manning will be available? The ADP Draft Planner can tell you.

Right now, the planner is using mostly PPR draft data, but as the draft season really gets going over at MFL, the planner’s scope will expand exponentially. I like that it uses actual availability since there is so much interdependence in player availability. (In other words, if Finley and Clark are taken in the 5th round, it will probably increase the chances that Witten slips to the end of the round since only so many fantasy owners are targeting a TE in that round.)

For an overview of what a subscription to 4for4 gets you, click here. Feel free to poke around — the site is free through July 15.

They are offering a “lockout special” rate of $27.95 for the entire 2011 season. When the lockout ends, the special ends. In the unlikely event that there is no 2011 season, the site promises to rollover dues to 2012.

During the preseason, I will be writing various strategy/player posts for 4for4 while updating the site’s IDP rankings and managing its news desk. As the season gets rolling, I’ll be writing weekly features like Waiver Wire Watch, Defensive Team By Waiver Wire (DTBWW) and RBBC Report. My official rankings will continue to be hosted here on, but I will act as consultant on 4for4’s rankings as well.

Part of my deal with the site is that I get a portion of referral subscriptions, so if you do decide to join, be sure to use this link (or click the 4for4 ad to the right) to get to the site’s subscription page. By doing so, you’ll help to ensure that I can keep writing about fantasy football for a living. The plan is to eventually join the site in a full-time capacity, but for that to happen the subscriber base has to grow enough to support another full-time writer. I’ve decided to go this route to avoid the headache of trying to build a profitable site based solely on ad revenue.

As always, I appreciate your support.

13 Responses to “John Paulsen to join as Contributing Editor”

  • Joe:

    Congratulations! Looking forward to your contributions. Also, nice work on the ADP Draft Planner. I have been messing around with it for the past 20 minutes and it looks like it will come in handy leading up to drafts. Great idea.

  • Josh:

    We are excited to have John over at!

  • Tyler:

    Hey John, just wondering if your gonna release a top 200 or top 300 player rankings with all position’s mixed together? I think it would help us all on draft day!

    • John Paulsen:

      I may, but it largely depends on league format and scoring system. I don’t want to release a Top 200 list just for the sake of releasing a Top 200 list, if that makes sense.

  • Tyler:

    Got ya. I think it would be cool to make a top 200 list for just standard scoring leagues. Hopefully you’ll make a list of some sort to help us on draft day!

  • dean:

    I like the idea of a one page printer friendly cheatsheet broken down by position instead. Never really found a top 200 useful because too much depends on how your draft is unfolding. But I would love to see a fantasy shrink cheatsheet. Any chance of that? Also congrats on your recent success!

  • Leo:


    I hope with your new involvement with 4for4 – you will still continue to keep your Fantasy Intersection site up and running…..that’s one of my favorite stops.

    • John Paulsen:

      The plan is to keep FantasyIntersection going as it has been. Time otherwise devoted to this site will be spent on — but there still will be content going up here.

  • Dan LaBert:

    John – welcome to the family. is one of the best fantasy sites on the market period. Thousands, and I mean thousands, of pages of fantasy football information. Also, many of the scouts have direct access with many of the NFL teams. Looking forward to your contributions and having you as a teammate! Dan LaBert

  • dean:

    John, I do hope you keep fantasy shrink alive. I’ve heard from multiple people that its their favorite site so far this year for rankings and content. Keep up the good work buddy

    • John Paulsen:

      That’s nice to hear. My rankings will be hosted here for the season as well as anything that doesn’t go up on If you like my writing, join 4for4!

  • Sam:

    Looked the site over, and it looks pretty interesting. With your contributions to the site, I think I’m gonna subscribe for this year and see how it turns out. Good luck, because your luck will contribute to mine.

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