The Big Board: TEs (PPR)

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Tier#NameTmSOS20102-yr AvgComments
11Antonio GatesSD-5 (-13)18.817.0if healthy, belongs in tier of his own
22Jason WittenDAL1 (+2)15.514.3steady as he goes
23Jermichael FinleyGB-3 (-5)14.313.0more upside than Witten, larger injury concern
24Dallas ClarkIND10 (+1)15.016.02011 was first in four seasons that he missed 2+ games
25Vernon DavisSF5 (+8)11.813.8Harbaugh should help
36Owen DanielsHOU1 (+0)8.812.022-271-2 over his last four games; de facto WR2 in HOU
37Jimmy GrahamNO5 (+0)6.56.511 rec, 4 TDs las three games; Shockey gone
38Rob GronkowskiNE-10 (+3)9.89.8presence of Hernandez depresses ADP; 20 rec in last 5
39Marcedes LewisJAX4 (-2)11.89.1breakout 2011; things unchanged around him
310Zach MillerOAK-3 (-8)10.610.8great when healthy; possible FA
411Chris CooleyWAS-2 (-4)11.210.9QB situation a concern; more valuable in PPR leagues
412Tony GonzalezATL2 (+8)10.711.8still effective after all these years; improved schedule
413Kellen Winslow Jr.TB3 (+0)10.611.4major target for Freeman; knees a concern
414Brandon PettigrewDET-7 (+0)10.58.7will Stafford target him as much as Hill did?
515Aaron HernandezNE-10 (+3)10.110.1tailed off towards the end of 2010; just 12 rec in last 7
517Dustin KellerNYJ-3 (-3)9.68.2didn't catch a TD after Week 4; 3+ rec in last 9 games
517Brent CelekPHI2 (-7)7.310.6came on at the end of 2010; will Vick look his way?
518Todd HeapBAL4 (+5)10.09.6will get almost five targets per game if healthy
519Jermaine GreshamCIN4 (+10)8.28.2one of 7 TEs to register 50+ catches in rookie year
520Ben WatsonCLE5 (+9)10.18.2what does new WCO mean for him?
521Jared CookTEN0 (-2)4.42.824-292-1 over last 6 games, who will be QB in TEN?
622Tony MoeakiKC-9 (-10)8.08.02nd-most targets of all Chiefs last season
623Kevin BossNYG-2 (-10)7.98.35 TD in 7-game stretch from W9-W15
624Heath MillerPIT9 (+13)7.59.73rd in targets to Wallace and Ward; Big Ben favorite
625Greg OlsenCHI-3 (+2)7.08.8good talent, but 5th in targets isn't going to cut it
626Anthony FasanoMIA-4 (+1)7.76.6more short passes could help his numbers; nice schedule
627Lance KendricksSTL2 (-2)--TE-shy McDaniels should use him
628Jeremy ShockeyCAR7 (+6)7.78.6joins Cam Newton in Carolina
629Visanthe ShiancoeMIN-5 (+1)7.09.1fighting off Kyle Rudolph; new QB can't help
630John CarlsonSEA2 (+4)4.67.058 targets only one TD in 2010

Updated 6/19/11

SOS: 2011 projected strength of schedule (change from 2010)…so 4 (-3) would indicate a generally favorable schedule, but one that is tougher than the previous year. QBs and WR/TE (std) use pass SOS, WR/TE (PPR) use receiving SOS and RB (std/ppr) use a combination of rush, pass and receiving SOS. Std uses 75/25 rush/pass while PPR uses 60/40 rush/receiving. This is due to receiving SOS including one point per reception.

2010: Average fantasy points in 2010

2-yr Avg: Straight two-year per game average

4 Responses to “The Big Board: TEs (PPR)”

  • brent:

    #2 for finley is way too high in ppr imo,i got him below vernon davis

  • John Paulsen:

    No way I’d take VD over Finley with his schedule and QB issues, but that’s what makes this fun. Only concern for Finley is injury. For owners with low tolerance for injury, I’d recommend Witten at #2.

  • brent:

    sometimes chasing upside will killya,vd,witten and clark are proven studs over multiple yrs,finley has proven nothing except the ability to get injured,in ppr witten and clark should be rated higher then finley outright both have proven qbs on potent passing offenses,i can see the argument on finley vs vd, i would go with proven talent over potential talent but thats just me and your right thats what makes it fun

  • John Paulsen:

    Oh, Finley is a proven talent. There’s no chasing upside here. 21-301-1 in the first four games of last season. 44-575-4 over the last eight games of 2009. That’s 15.2 fantasy points per game. Those would be TE3 numbers last season and TE2 numbers in 2009. I have him on the same tier as Witten and Clark, so it’s close. Finley is the de facto WR2 for a high powered pass offense and isn’t fighting for targets like Witten and Clark are when all the other WRs are healthy.

    If I’m in the 5th round and am looking to take a TE and the two guys ahead of me take Finley and Clark, I would be perfectly happy taking Witten. That’s how close they are in my mind. I don’t like VD as much due to the QB issues and his tougher projected schedule, but I’d be happy with him in the 6th.

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