The Big Board: RBs

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Tier#NameTmSOS20102-yr AvgComments
11Arian FosterHOU0 (+3)20.614.7he should keep it rolling
12Adrian PetersonMIN7 (+9)16.117.1QB play working against him, better schedule
23Chris JohnsonTEN3 (+3)14.618.1QB issues; losing goal line touches?
24Jamaal CharlesKC-4 (-10)15.113.9supreme talent; schedule is much tougher
25LeSean McCoyPHI-2 (+1)14.711.1underrated stud
26Ray RiceBAL-1 (-1)13.414.6dependable, may get a few more goal line touches
27Rashard MendenhallPIT0 (+3)13.912.7workhorse back, doesn't catch many passes
38Maurice Jones-DrewJAX-4 (-4)14.715.9schedule is tougher, knee is a concern
39Darren McFaddenOAK2 (+2)17.411.5if he stays healthy he's a top 5 RB
310Frank GoreSF7 (+0)14.615.5always an injury concern
311Matt ForteCHI5 (+4)13.511.9favorable schedule, solid workload
312Michael TurnerATL3 (+2)13.613.6fringe RB1 available in 2nd round
313Steven JacksonSTL0 (-9)12.412.8concerns about new offense-too pass happy?
314Peyton HillisCLE-2 (+3)15.28.1concerns about workload, but should be solid RB2
415Ahmad BradshawNYG-2 (-2)12.711.0solid RB2 if he returns to NYG
416LeGarrette BlountTB-2 (-3)10.610.6not involved in passing game
417Ryan MathewsSD1 (-6)10.410.4splitting time with Tolbert, injury concerns
418Jahvid BestDET-2 (+4)8.88.8should be featured, but Leshoure a worry
419DeAngelo Williams--8.010.9where will he land?
420Knowshon MorenoDEN-3 (-1)12.511.6could be a RB1 if DEN doesn't bring in RB
421Cedric BensonCIN3 (+10)11.112.2asking price too much for Cincy?
422Shonn GreeneNYJ0 (+2)6.75.7finally taking over Jets' RB1 role?
523Joseph AddaiIND0 (-1)10.711.8should return to Indy
524Mark IngramNO2 (-1)--workload-should be Saints' RB1
525Felix JonesDAL4 (+5)8.67.8Murray draft pick a concern
526Jonathan StewartCAR3 (+5)7.59.8jumps up a dozen spots if RB1 in CAR
527Marshawn LynchSEA-2 (-7)7.86.8just 25 years old, feature back
528Fred JacksonBUF-5 (+3)9.810.1still the BUF RB1
629BenJarvus Green-EllisNE-4 (+4)11.76.4better than given credit for in 2010
630Mike TolbertSD1 (-6)10.77.2underrated backup, goal line back
631Ryan GrantGB4 (+6)4.58.8will battle with Starks for carries
632Daniel ThomasMIA2 (+5)--RB1 in MIA, for now
633Danny WoodheadNE-4 (+4)8.68.6very productive in change-of-pace role
634Ryan WilliamsARI-3 (-7)--part of three-headed monster?
635Roy HeluWAS-3 (-1)--could overtake Torain for WAS RB1
736Ryan TorainWAS-3 (-1)12.312.3part of Shanahan's RBBC
737James StarksGB4 (+6)3.93.9will battle with Grant for carries, better receiver
738Brandon JacobsNYG-2 (-2)8.99.0still the NYG goal line back
739Ronnie Brown--8.010.8uncertain future, but talented
740Ricky Williams--6.29.9uncertain future, getting older, still can run
741Thomas JonesKC-4 (-10)8.611.5reduced role?
842Michael BushOAK2 (+2)9.57.5good runner behind fragile starter
843C.J. SpillerBUF-5 (+3)3.63.6can he emerge in his 2nd season?
844LaDainian TomlinsonNYJ0 (+2)10.911.2relegated to third-down back duties
845DeMarco MurrayDAL4 (+5)--can he push Felix for touches?
846Pierre ThomasNO2 (-1)9.810.5talented, yet injury-prone, battling with Ingram
847Delone CarterIND0 (-1)--could emerge if Addai leaves/gets hurt
848Rashad JenningsJAX-4 (-4)7.14.8will produce if given chance
849Chris WellsARI-3 (-7)4.56.5Williams draft pick beginning of the end?
850Montario HardestyCLE-2 (+3)--will spell Hillis

Updated 6/19/11

SOS: 2011 projected strength of schedule (change from 2010)…so 4 (-3) would indicate a generally favorable schedule, but one that is tougher than the previous year. QBs and WR/TE (std) use pass SOS, WR/TE (PPR) use receiving SOS and RB (std/ppr) use a combination of rush, pass and receiving SOS. Std uses 75/25 rush/pass while PPR uses 60/40 rush/receiving. This is due to receiving SOS including one point per reception.

2010: Per game fantasy points in 2010

2-yr Avg: Straight two-year per game average

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