Week 9 Fantasy Football Rankings

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Updated 11/4/11

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32 Responses to “Week 9 Fantasy Football Rankings”

  • Sean:

    Hey John, I’ve just been offered Hakeem Nicks and Chris Johnson for Ryan Torain and Dez Bryant, should I make that trade?

  • Becket:

    Someone offered me Roddy White for SJax. Should I accept?

  • James:

    Thank you for all your help!

    Pick the safest solid DST for this week: Steelers, Raiders, or Bengals?

    • James:

      sorry, i guess i could just go by your rankings. Oakland seems not so safe though. Obviously they are higher because they are playing Tebow. But what if he is benched early? Its not like the Raiders D has been doing anything exceptionally well. I would go Steelers but all the injuries worry me. Bengals on the road against a Titan team that could test them. Just not sure.

  • Russ:

    Hi John,

    4for4 subscriber here… PPR Scoring Format… I’ve been monitoring Beanie Wells practice this week. If he can go, would you start him or dez bryant this week?

    • John Paulsen:

      If Wells can go, I’d start him in a great matchup with the Rams rush D. Dez may have a big game but it’s no sure thing these days.

  • Andrew:

    I’m suffering at the TE position. My team is: Romo, Andre J, Larry Fitz, Manningham, DHB, RMathews, Beanie, Ahmad Bradshaw, Demarco Murray/Felix Jones, and JBattle with TE of Pettigrew (who’s given me 2 “0”fers).

    Offers out there are: Gronk/Witten and Maclin for Fitz and Bradshaw? Fair and which TE would you prefer?

    Do you think an offer to the owner of Mike Wallace (who has Wallace, Jennings, Welker, Fred Davis, Tony G, MTurner, Benson, and no depth at RB – he also has Vick at QB (he’s in 1st obviously).) is an option? IE Wallace and Davis for Fitz and Bradshaw? Better than the other offer or does that strengthen the other team too much?


    • John Paulsen:

      TE + Maclin for Fitz and Bradshaw is a fair deal if you are ok with losing a little RB depth – looks like you’d be able to handle it. Gronk and Witten are about the same to me. We have them ranked 3/4 at 4for4 in our rest-of-season rankings, with Gronk at 3.

      The other deal for Wallace is fair, but he may not want to go for it.

      • Andrew:

        Ok, thanks! I’m just nervous to strengthen another team (the guy with Gronk/Witten has Megatron, Foster, and SJax on his team)

        • max:

          this a four man league? you guys are stacked…

          • Andrew:

            Ha ha, no 10 man league, surprisingly I’m 3-5 (some bad plays with sitting Beanie and Murray when they both scored 30 points). Injuries are destroying me. Bradshaw deal is dead now. I’ll make due with picking up Greg Olsen after his bye week.

  • max:

    just picked up bowe in a trade for boldin and demarco murray… so now at WR im looking at
    d. bowe @ MIA
    j. maclin @ CHI
    a.j. green @ TEN
    m. austin @ SEA
    b. marshall @ KC
    which of those three would you play? do you think green will be able to put up points on the titans? ive heard austin’s supposed to have a big day against SEA’s secondary…

    • max:

      hope youre not angry with me, mr. paulsen… really meant no offense last week… it was a crazy matchup!

      • John Paulsen:

        Nope, not at all.

        • max:

          pretty sure im going to play maclin @ CHI and bowe @ MIA… but of my 3 remaining wideouts, which one would you pick to play?
          miles austin @ SEA, a.j. green @ TEN or brandon marshall @ KC… also, i just picked up cassel to replace newton for the bye week… do you advise against playing too many people in one game? playing cassel and bowe together is making me nervous… thanks.

  • Eric:

    Hey John, I have a deeper league WR predicament here. I have one WR/Flex spot open and I need to choose between Jon Baldwin, Doug Baldwin, Kevin Walter and even TE Kellen Winslow. I haven’t been considering Winslow much lately but he has a good matchup and he should probably be in the mix. I know that you have Walter ranked highest here but I’m concerned that the Texans won’t need to pass it much against the Browns with Foster and the solid running game they have, plus they should win this game easily. Jon Baldwin also concerns me in the same way. However, Doug Baldwin interests me in that he got a lot of targets and catches in garbage/catch up time last week and I can see the same thing happening this week when they go down early to the Cowboys. All of these guys seem pretty even in terms of matchup potential to me, but you are the expert!

  • Bill:

    Hey John,

    Appreciate your advice last week.

    Do you think there is a large enough difference between the two to consider dropping Owen Daniels for Fred Davis?


    • John Paulsen:

      If it doesn’t cost you anything to make the swap, I’d do it. I think Davis is a little better.

      • Bill:


        Thanks for answering questions for those of us who arent subscribers. We are currently in the process of building a house and this is the ONLY reason I have not subscribed to 4for4. As soon as our financial situation evens out you can bet Ill be there. Thanks again!

        And if you find the time I have one more question for you: Better flex play this week Mcgahee or Dallas Clark?

  • UNCbluesteel:

    Hey John, I’m in deep trouble here – had Britt and A. Johnson as my WR’s but was able to pick up Fitz in a RB trade – I need some serious wins to make the playoffs (it looks like I could afford one more loss and then I might be out) – I was offered Roddy White for A. Johnson in a straight up trade with a team who could afford to wait for him…would you do it? I wouldn’t consider it for a healthy AJ but now considering it since he’s so iffy and I need the best team out there….thoughts?

    • John Paulsen:

      AJ will be a gametime decision this week (it appears), so he’s probably max a week away. If this is not a must-win game for you, I’d suggest you wait.

  • Willie:

    Hello John,
    I have Sproles penciled in as my FLEX this week…..my options would be J.Starks, F Davis, D Baldwin, M Williams ( TB),
    or J. Gaffney. Should I roll the Sproles or switch to a better option? Brees is my QB. Thanks

  • Matt:

    Offered a trade receiving jimmy graham for demarco murray and witten. pull the trigger or no?

    • John Paulsen:

      That sounds like a good deal. Graham has not yet had his bye.

      • Matt:

        Just want to clarify that I’m the one receiving graham, so I lose a good TE week 11 and my flex (demarco). My RBs are turner and ray rice, though. I just can’t trust romo anymore

  • brent:

    thoughts on demarco murray for the ros,i got him as my rb3 currently with mccoy and forte as my starters
    thoughts on dez bryant as my wr2,i just got him and murray in a trade for dmac,needed recivieving help badly as i only had steve smith car and holmes,m.williams tampa

  • Willie:

    Hello John,
    Trade Question……I have J. Best on my bench. There is a guy in my leauge who is 1-7 and has MacFadden. Which one of these guys do you think has a better chance to contriibute/play going forward? Would you trade Best for Mac? He also has Rodgers and I have Brees…..How much of an upgrade do you think Rodgers would be going forward? Thanks.