Week 6 Rankings

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Updated 10/16/11

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42 Responses to “Week 6 Rankings”

  • ilikeike:

    Hey JP,

    Would you drop Isaac Redman to pick up Greg Little? Who do you see as a better long term contributor?

    We play in a 16 team league with a flex, and I have Jahvid Best, Ryan Torain and Tim Hightower along with Redman currently at RB. I have Mike Wallace, Eric Decker, Julio Jones and Mario Manningham at WR.

    Also: how do you think Eric Decker will be affected long term by Tebow?

    Thanks man!


  • John Paulsen:

    Ike — Redman may start again this week, but long term Little may have more upside. Hard to say how CLE will use him. He has been named the starter, but was already playing starter’s snaps. He needs to see more targets.

    Decker is hurt by Tebow, IMO, due to Tebow’s limitations throwing the ball.

    • ilikeike:

      Thanks for that. Not sure why I didn’t ask about this before, but would you drop eric decker for greg little instead? I was higher on Decker than on redman before, but now I’m not so sure…

  • Lou:

    Kevin kolb is out there I am in a super flex league now
    I figured I would add kolb and drop dalton ….
    Kolbs schedule is favorable! What you think? 49ers
    D worth keeping the whole season?

    • John Paulsen:

      49ers D looks like the real deal. Deadly against the run and improving against the pass.

      Kolb has a bit more value than Dalton, but Dalton’s short term schedule looks a lot better, starting with a nice matchup this week against Indy. Kolb has PIT and BAL after the bye.

  • the_berger:

    Steelers DST is available on the waiver wire in my league (don’t ask). Sadly I have high priority and want to pick them up to replace CIN DST, but I’m tempted to move on Tebow. I have Romo and Fitzpatrick but I’m fishing for trade bait since the rest of my team is struggling. Tebow or Steelers DST for my first pull off of waivers tonight?

    • John Paulsen:

      Don’t do it, Berger! Grab Tebow. CIN DT has a nice matchup this week and you can play DTBWW the rest of the way. Tebow may be starter-caliber in a week or two and you could trade him for help at another position.

  • NP:

    John, what do you think about Chris Johnson’s value going forward? He is available for trade in my league. Worth trading Roethlisberger and Felix Jones? It leaves me crappy at QB but with a 1-2 punch at RB of CJ2K and Gore.

    • John Paulsen:

      Chris Johnson is a fringe RB1 at this point. Not a whole lot of production so far, but he’s very talented and should have some nice games down the stretch. Big Ben + Felix is a fair trade, though if it’s a big downgrade at QB for you, you may want to reconsider.

  • Bucky-FN-Dent:

    What is a fair trade for Willis McGahee for a WR after Tebow takes the helm.

  • Matt:


    I am having a QB dilemma-I have Eli and Orton, but Painter, Tebow, and Dalton are available. I want to grab Painter because of the past two weeks, but I am being drawn to Tebow. There a couple HUGE Broncos fans so I will have to act quickly. Is it crazy to replace Orton with Tebow?

  • TDR:

    Daniel Thomas is available in my league, & I have to drop another RB to get him – Starks or Tolbert?

    • John Paulsen:

      I think Starks has a bit less value than Tolbert and Thomas due to the GB RB situation and how little they run the ball.

  • Lou:

    As in terms of Upside Mr. JP, which two QBs would you keep for the rest of the season?as in terms of schedule, and upside, etc?
    CUtler, Cassel, Alex Smith and Sam Bradford? Which two would you keep?

    • John Paulsen:

      I’d say Smith has the least value. Cassel’s schedule is favorable and Cutler is probably a little better than Bradford at this point.

  • Eric:

    So I know that you had Fred Davis ranked ahead of Winslow this week. They both face pretty good matchups and I was very unsure of who to start this week. As I remember, Philadelphia is not very good against TE’s? I was wondering why you ranked Davis higher this week and do you think Davis will be a better play for the rest of the season? I was considering dropping Winslow if I needed an extra pickup.

  • Matto:

    Hey JP, thanks again for such a great resource! My question is about Mike Williams (TB) – fantasy owners keep giving him the benefit of the doubt. Five weeks in and his production has been less than top 20 material. Granted, it’s still early, but say he keeps putting up single digits — at what point do pros like yourself cut bait and start looking beyond him?

    • John Paulsen:

      It all depends on who’s available. 4for4 has a terrific rest-of-season cheatsheet that Josh Moore and I put together that summarizes how we feel about a player’s value going forward. Right now, Williams is ranked WR27 behind Garcon and ahead of Cruz.

  • Corey:

    Hey John,

    Your advice worked out well for me last week so here we go again: Here is how my RB situation stands right now: Michael Turner, Tim Hightower, and Marshawn Lynch. Lynch is on Bye so that leaves me starting Turner and Hightower. I have 3 TE’s on my roster as I picked up Pettigrew last week only to prevent my opponent from getting him (which saved me the game as I won by 5 and his TE scored 0 and Pettigrew had 9). My TE’s are Daniels, Hernandez, and Pettigrew. I am looking at picking up Delone Carter to help my RB situation this week and am looking to get rid of a TE because there is no point in having 3 on my roster and nobody will accept a trade for any of them. Which one, if any, should I drop to pick up Carter?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Ross Thomas:

    Hey John,
    I check your site every week now, thanks for sharing your opinion.
    I would like you to evaluate a potential trade. Standard scoring, 10 team league.
    Give: A.J Green and Tony Gonzalez. Get: Roddy White and Antonio Gates.
    Not sure if this kind of a wash trade.
    Any idea if Gates plays anytime soon? Fred Davis is available in the waivers as the best possible TE I can see. My team is pretty stacked:
    QB – Rivers, Matt Ryan
    RB – Ray Rice, Chris Johnson, Cedric Benson, Shonn Greene, Willis McGahee, Ryan Torain
    WR – Hakeem Nicks, Vincent Jackson, AJ Green, Nate Washington (had Britt)
    TE – Tony Gonzalez
    D/ST – Lions

    Lastly, I would like to make a request. I would like to have position rankings for the rest of the year. Do you know of a good source for that or is that something that you can provide on your site to add an additional 5 hours of work a week?

  • Jake:

    Right now I have Tim Hightower on my team, but it looks like Torain is going to start this week and PHI’s RUN D is absolutely atrocious. Should I drop Hightower for Torain? Thanks!

    • John Paulsen:

      I would, but this job could go either way. Mike Shanahan is tough to predict. I do expect Torain to have the better W7 numbers since THT is still dealing with a shoulder injury.

  • Clay:

    Santana vs PHI or V. cruz vs BUF?

  • Heisenberg:

    First year reading your rankings, and gotta say the most consistent I’ve seen thus far. And there are so many out there.

    Who would you roll with as a bye week flex option this week: Delone Carter @ CIN or Knox vs MIN? Standard scoring.


  • Eric:

    Should I dump Jacoby Ford to pick up Mohamed Massaquoi? I’m in a 16-team standard scoring league and I’m thinking in term of value for the rest of the season. thanks in advance!

    • John Paulsen:

      I’d probably wait another week or two to see if Ford emerges. He has a lot of talent. And it’s not like Massaquoi has been lighting it up.

  • clay:

    I saw the rankings, I was just curious as to why?

  • Brandon:


    Thanks for the rankings this week! I was just proposed a trade by someone in my league who has been devastated by injuries and it’s very tempting. Right now I have V-Jax as my WR1 but I don’t have a clear #2 (I’ve been shuffling Nate Washington and Santonio Holmes). He offered my Legarrette Blount and Larry Fitzgerald for Felix Jones and Santonio Holmes. I’ve already got Arian Foster, Frank Gore and Fred Jackson (I just got lucky on these guys in the draft). What do you think of the trade? The only problem I foresee is that Gore and Jackson are on by next week and Blount won’t play because of his injury for the next week or so, leaving me a little short for next week’s matchup against the #1 guy in our league.

    Thanks for the help!

  • Dan:

    Hey John,

    Looking for help in my flex/wr. I need to decide between Jordy Nelson and Colston as WR3, then between the loser of those two and Ernest Graham at flex. Please help me out!!


  • James:


    Thanks for the rankings! Quick question, in a ESPN, 10 man league (Not PPR) would you play Starks or Heyward-Bey in the Flex position?


  • Green:

    Hey John,
    What do you think I need to pick 2 receivers out of B. Marshall, A. Boldin, Michael Crabtree, and Antonio Brown in a PPR league?
    Also do you think it is time to panic with peyton hillis he was my second round pick and is really not producing and with all the contract things that have come up?
    Have a good one