Week 5 Rankings

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Updated 10/9/11

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67 Responses to “Week 5 Rankings”

  • Steve:


    I have huge TE and QB issues having drafted Big Ben and Gates…I’m looking to make some moves. Maybe trading DMC, Sproles or Sjax. Another team in my league has Freeman and Fitzpatrick…..and Hernandez, Keller, Olsen. I dont have a backup QB and my TE is McMichael.. I need help!! Which QB and TE would you go after out the bunch? Im thinking Freeman and Keller but like I Olsen and Fitzpatrick too…lol Any thoughts?

    • John Paulsen:

      I prefer Olsen to Keller, but not by much. Fitzy/Freeman are about the same, despite Fitzy’s hot start.

  • Alex:

    So you think Julio Jones and Denarius Moore is the better play over Manningham? I need two of them to play along side Nicks.

    I have Stafford, Foster, Mcfadden, and Gronkowski in my 12-man league, so i’m set at most other positions 🙂

    • John Paulsen:

      I need to see something from Mario before recommending him over guys that are producing right now. Julio is a very good start against GB, which has been brutal against the pass.

  • Alex:

    Agreed. Just have that feeling this will be his breakout game since he has something to prove with Cruz sneaking in on his job. But that’s what fantasy football is all about I guess, doubting every lineup decision we make haha.


  • Mike:


    Appreciate your insights and value your rankings. I am in a league that starts 1 QB, 2 RBS, 3 WRS, 1 TE, and a flex. Due to the bye week, I have Denarius Moore in the Flex spot with Larry Fitzgerald, Marques Colston, and Eric Decker as WRs. Would you recommend dropping D. Moore for Isaac Redman or Brandon Pettigrew and flexing one of them instead this week? I am in the middle of the waiver wire order and may miss out on Redman.


    • John Paulsen:

      Not sure I would cut D. Moore (who should contribute all season) for Redman, who may only start for a week or two.

  • Scott:


    How do you see Cam Newton playing the rest of the year? Cooling off eventually or is he going to keep being a top 5 QB???


    • John Paulsen:

      I’d have him in the Top 7 at this point. I think he’s a good bet to finish in the Top 10. Top 5 may be a stretch, but who knows.

  • Eugene:

    Gutsy call on Stafford over Brady and Newton. I own all three of those QBs so it’s particularly relevant for me. I do notice the Jets allow the fewest points to enemy QBs but they’ve played Romo, McCown/Gabbert, Campbell, and a horrid Flacco. Meanwhile the Bears have faced Rodgers, You really think that’s indicative of what Tom Brady is gonna do? He threw for several TDs last year against them.

    • John Paulsen:

      These rankings aren’t written in stone and may change throughout the week as I do more analysis. Even when adjusted for schedule, the Jets are by far the #1 defense against QBs. Brady was good against the Jets in 2010 (8 TDs in three games) but struggled against them in 2009 (1 TD in two games).

  • shizziest:

    I dont know who to start in a ppr league in the flex position this week… I am thinking gronkowski but between gronk, starks, and ridley who should I start in the flex? I have a weird feeling NE might run against the leaky jets run D

  • Steve:

    Who do you think is the better PPR WR for the long term – Sidney Rice or Mike Williams (TB) ?

    • John Paulsen:

      The site I work for (4for4) has Rice at 22 and Williams at 23 rest of season. Rice is certainly playing better right now.

  • Eric:

    Hey John, I took your advice last week and started Cutler over Romo. Needless to say I wasn’t happy with what happened. I’m not too mad because I ended up getting blown out anyways. This week Romo is on bye and there is really no one on the waiver wire except for Cassel, Painter, Smith etc. Do you think Cutler will actually throw in this game and do well and not let Forte do everything like last week?

    • John Paulsen:

      I was just as surprised as you were about Cutler’s bad game. (I started him in two leagues.) It was completely out of character for the Bears to run that much, but they found success on the ground and stuck with it for once. I don’t think they run like that on the Lions, who are in the Top 10 against fantasy RBs.

  • Carson:


    I read your site every week and often refer to you as the Guru. Your DEF selections go against the grain and are often spot on. I own the NYJ DEF in every league and would never consider starting them against NE. My Backups are SD and HOU and was going to start each of them over NYJ. Solely on your rankings would I consider changing and playing the Jets, but I have to ask, what makes you think Brady and company are not going to rack up 40 points on the NYJ this weekend?

    • John Paulsen:

      I don’t feel great about the Jets, but they are one of two elite defenses in the league (along with the Ravens) and I think there’s a decent chance they have a nice day against the Pats. There are not a lot of great options at DT this week, so the Jets’ ranking is by-product of that. If you are worried about the Jets, the Texans’ matchup is ok, though the Raiders (by the numbers) have not been a good matchup for fantasy defenses this season. This is probably due to their ability to run the ball.

  • SeanUK:

    All results are blank at the moment, any idea of when it will be up?

    • John Paulsen:

      Should be fixed now. These are powered by FantasyPros, so when they go down, the rankings go down.

  • Blain Train:

    Hi! Congrats on the high accuracy marks at Fantasy Pros. Can I ask your advice on a farce? I’m 1-3 and feeling desperate.

    12 team league where I’m weak at QB & WR, but plenty of depth at RB.
    QB: Freeman, Grossman
    WR: Roddy, D Nelson, A Brown
    RB: Foster, Blount, Felix, Tolbert, Ridley, Redman, B Scott, & LT

    I’ve discussed a trade with a Romo/Stafford owner where I send Grossman & Blount to get Romo plus either Julio or B Marshall. Does this trade seem fair? Am I giving too much away with Blount or selling high? Can I rely on Felix as an RB2? I think I’d prefer Julio with the MIA QB situation in flux, but having 2 ATL receivers complicates bye weeks. Any thoughts would be a great help! Keep up the accurate rankings! Thx

    • John Paulsen:

      You’re going to have a hole at RB2 — I’d stick with your Freeman/Grossman combo and maybe try to add a third QB to give yourself another option week to week.

  • Craig:

    John – I’ve been following you the past few weeks. You’re better then most out there…

    After trading Miles Austin/D. Henderson for Andre Johson, big AJ goes down! So need a plug: (A) Antonio Brown – PIT is playing a tough Ten DF and Big Ben is banged up OR (B) Kevin Walter – Is he hurt? All the so-called experts are saying to play J. Jones, so I’m thinking of going against the grain. Sure, I have some other options like D. Hester or Preston Parker or M. Jenkins is on Waivers, but I think it comes down to these 2.

    Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

    • John Paulsen:

      I have Brown ranked a bit ahead of Jacoby Jones. Don’t have a ton of faith in Jacoby. Brown has seen a ton of targets this year and is overdue to find the endzone. We’ll see.

  • Guy:


    Not really a ‘who do I start’ question, but how do you feel about the Lion’s continuing to be an offense powerhouse for the rest of the season? Barring any big injuries that is. Thanks.

  • Johnny:

    Hey JP,

    Relle hurting at RBs. I have Mendy, Mcgahee, Jacobs, Hunter, and Tate. Not starting Mendy this week, WAS leaning toward Jacobs and McGahee, but now with news coming out of NY that Jacobs knee is bang up and not practicing for 2 days straight. Hunter seem like he’s on the rise, is that a safer bet ? only need to start 2.

    thanks in advance

  • Green:

    Im getting killed by the bye week. I’m in a PPR league.
    Should I start at RB2 James Casey, C.J Spliller or Delone Carter
    At RB/WR/TE should i start Marcedes Lewis, Arrelious Benn, Steve Breaston or one of the people who didnt make the RB2 cut

    • John Paulsen:

      Breaston has a chance for a decent week in PPR. at RB2…yeesh…Casey I guess. Spiller has a good matchup but is getting almost no work in BUF.

  • Michael:

    Hi John, trade question for you. I have Eli and Big Ben and my WR’s are giving me trouble (I have White, M. Williams TB, and suffling A. Brown, Ford and Burleson). Somebody offered me Crabtree for Big Ben. I’m tempted to trade Ben as Eli has been outperforming. You think Crabtree is worth this trade or should I look for higher value? I was thinking of nixing it but wasn’t sure if I was missing something with Crabtree since he’s the #1 in S.F. Thanks!

  • Chase:

    Hey John, glad you are continuing your succes at Fantasy Pros. Really appreaciate the rankings. I got a trade question for you. I am deep at RB, with Mcfadden, Gore, Bradshaw, and Matthews and I have Graham and Gronk. at TE. I am weak at QB with only Fitzpatrick. Is trading Gore, Gronkowski & Fitzpatrick for Newton & F Jones smart or is Cam overvalued?

  • P Smurf:

    Hey John. Have time for 1 more? WR3 slot open. My choices are Holmes vs NE or AJ Green vs JAG

    What to do?

  • Corey:

    Hi john, I have a question regarding my RB situation for this week. My RB’s are Michael Turner, Tim Hightower (Bye), and Marshawn Lynch. As of right now I will be playing Turner and Lynch as Hightower is on bye. Would it be worth dropping Lynch for Isaac Redman? I feel the rest of my bench is more valuable than either of these two (Tony Romo, Aaron Hernandez, Jabar Gaffney, Colt Mccoy, Brandon Pettigrew). Since I have 3 TE’s (I just picked up Pettigrew) I am trying to leverage him into a trade for a higher tier RB or for Antonio Gates and then trade either Hernandez or Owen Daniels. But, back to the question, Would I be better off dropping Lynch or Pettigrew for Redman or just keeping things the way they are?


    • John Paulsen:

      Redman certainly would be a better start this week. Not sure about long-term value. Not sure I would cut Lynch given your RB situation, which isn’t strong.

  • Reggie:

    Hey John,

    Im weak at RB this week with RIce/Hightower on BYE and Mendy hurt so I’m forced to start Ridley and DWill. I need to balance this out with one of my QBs, Newton and Stafford. Would you put in Newton for the big upside or play it safe with Stafford and hope the RBs perform?


    • John Paulsen:

      Stafford and Cam are both upside plays. They are very close in the rankings this week, but Cam has the better matchup.

  • UNCbluesteel:

    Hey John, quick question – I have Hasselbeck and Big Ben at QB, and Josh Freeman is on the waiver wire…should I drop Ben and start Freeman against the Niners…not sure if I should lose faith in Big Ben just yet and go with Freeman (Ben’s schedule isn’t too bad but he’s just not doing it so far…) – someone will swoop on Ben if I drop him.


  • Lou:

    Ingram or Redman? for RB

    For the Flex Aaron Hernandez or Ingram/Redman???

    My TE is OLSEN right now….

  • Joel:

    I’m having issues at RB and WR. I’m in a PPR league. I need to know who I should play for my W/T spot. Victor Cruz, Mario Manningham or Antonio Brown?

    My RB troubles are for my RB 3 spot. Cedric Benson, Shonne Greene or Willis McGahee?

    My line-up at the moment is.

    QB: Matthew Stafford
    WR: Calvin Johnson
    WR: DeSean Jackson
    RB: Chris Johnson
    RB: Darren Sproles
    TE: Tony Gonzalez
    W/T: Jordy Nelson
    W/T: Victor Cruz
    W/R: Cedric Benson

  • BMC:

    Bye week blues. 12 team league, need to pick up a waiver wire starter for this week. Alex Smith and Kyle Orton are best available. They are ranked so close, any extraneous thoughts on who to roll the dice with for the safer start?

  • Pete:

    John who is the better start for this weekend Stevan Ridley or Shonn Greene?

  • the_berger:

    first time poster, love the site. What are your thoughts on the value of Julio Jones? Would you accept the trade of BGE+Ridley for J.Jones? The J.Jones team has DeSean, Maclin, Burress and Branch to fill any void but that team is looking at both starting RBs (Hillis and Felix Jones) facing byes this week and the only other RB on the bench is Marshawn “One Run in my life” Lynch. Would you give up Jones for more RB depth? F Jones is no definitive start if you could play match-ups with NE run game….

    • John Paulsen:

      Jones is the best player in that trade. Ridley has some upside.

      • the_berger:

        Thanks. I’m reading into your response that you don’t think BGE+Ridley is enough or the appropriate “give and take” given the rest of the line up possibilities. Obviously Jones is the more valuable player individually but the affect of the trade on the overall team could be net positive. Thanks again.

        • John Paulsen:

          Your question was a little confusing. I’d want to be the one getting Julio in that deal. I’d rather punt the week and not start a RB than give up Jones.

  • Kevin:


    What do you think about selling McFadden high and buying Chris Johnson low? Is it a good deal if I can combine it with a WR upgrade? I’m having trouble getting Bush as a handcuff and I’m scared that McFadden will miss at least a couple games this year. He hasn’t missed any action yet, but he doesn’t seem to understand getting out of bounds or staying low to avoid contact.

    • John Paulsen:

      I am not selling DMC. He’s too good. Raider running game is outstanding. Injuries are a risk, but they’re a risk with Chris Johnson too.

  • Eric:

    Hello, another question concerning flex play. I’m very strapped in my deep, 12-team league. I have 5 guys on bye and am looking for anyone who can contribute. Right now I have Hunter and Walter and have my FLEX open, I’m leaning towards Hunter because he showed up in the running, passing and KR game last week. However, I’m very unsure as to how many targets Walter will get, I’m thinking he may get a lot of work. What do you think about this situation?

    • John Paulsen:

      I’d rather start Hunter. Walter should be ok, but HOU will run a lot on a bad Raider rush defense.

  • Eric:

    As an addition to my last question, also add Titus Young in as a possible flex play, thanks.

  • Steve:

    Would you rather have Bradford or Tebow as your backup QB behind Big Ben?

    I also have WR issues….My team is Holmes, Manningham, Burress, Thomas… Should I put a claim in for DHB or J. Jones or Baldwin and cut ties with these chumps?


  • Russ:

    Hi John,

    Love your waiver wire watch on 4for4. Is there any way you can also add a section at the bottom that lists guys you would drop for these guys? Its hard for me to decide sometimes who to give them a roster spot over. I don’t want to drop a waiver pick up from the previous week if they’re more valuable than the guys this week. THANKS!

    • John Paulsen:

      Look for the Rest of Season (ROS) rankings at 4for4. I consult on those so it should give you a pretty good idea who to drop.

      • K9ny:

        The 4for4 Waiver Wire Watch and ROS rankings are worth the subscription alone. 4or4 has very useful tools and it is easy to navigate around the website. The only thing 4for4 lacks is your team roster and Dynasty/Keeper rankings.
        I like it much better than FG, not to mention Paulsen/Moore destroy Dodds/Bloom in accuracy.

        So, thanks for playing a key role in my 2011 F/F season Mr. Paulsen (Josh Moore).

  • John,

    I have some really good and some really bad stuff going on right now! My RB are awesome and my WR or awful.

    I have Forte and McCoy at RB, but i need to start and third and my choices are: J Stewart, S Greene, R Helu what do you think? As far as WR, I need to start 2 and with Austin hurting, here is the ones I have to pick between: B Lloyd, S Rice, James Jones and J Simpson. Any help you can give here would be greatly appreciated!