Week 4 Rankings

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Updated 10/2/11

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31 Responses to “Week 4 Rankings”

  • Sam:

    Can I ask why you have Lance Moore so low? He caught all 9 of his targets last week and looks to be Brees’ main man again like the end of last season.

  • I am struggling in the RB department, we are a PPR league and I have Chris Johnson, Felix jones, Jonathan Stewart, and Pierre Thomas. Next week I have a hole in my line up (Witten) at TE with the start of BYE weeks. How are you feeling on James Casey, he is listed as a RB/TE in Yahoo! leagues. I would have to drop Pierre Thomas or Eric Decker to pick him up. I am a little iffy on it cause he really only had one week of good performance and I am afraid it could have been just a fluke.

    • Lance:

      Don’t make a move for Casey. He was in for Kevin Walter who was injured. Owen Daniels is the TE in Houston until you hear otherwise. Owen and Matt Schaub great chemistry. Notice Owen scored big points in that game too.

  • Rick:

    I know defenses are hard to predict…but why is San Diego so high on your list?

  • James:


    I need a solid RB would a combo of Maclin and Starks be too much for Ray Rice or Darren McFadden?

    What about Harvin/Starks for Ray Rice or McFadden?…or should i try for WR?

    Current RBS Daniel Thomas, Wells, MJD and Addai.
    Current WR: Harvin, Maclin, Marshall, Nicks

    10 man league, ESPN
    1 QB, 2RB, Flex, 2 WR, TE D, K

    • John:

      I would never accept that trade if I were the Ray Rice/DMC owner. You need to offer a tier 1 RB or WR with a tier 2 RB/WR. Harvin and Maclin are teens to mid-twenties WR and Starks is in the same range. You’d have to offer Marshall or Nicks with Starks to even begin to think that the guy would accept the trade.

  • Ryan:

    Is it time to drop Dallas Clark? I can pick up Greg Olsen but my other Bench spots are filled

  • Sean:

    Hey John,

    Need a little guidance at whom I should start this weekend as my 2 rb’s and 3 wr’s. The list goes like this
    B. Tate HOU
    F. Jones DAL
    J. Starks GB
    M. Ingram NO
    D. Nelson BUF
    D. Bryant DAL
    D. Jones BUF
    N. Burleson DET
    A. Brown PIT

    16 man league
    1 QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, D, K


  • Larry 2 Dogs:

    Hello Paul,

    My question is about your rankings at 4for4, Fantasypros.com and Fantasyshrink.com. For examplle, FantasyPros shows your weekly 4 RB rankings Foster over Tolbert. Here at FantasyShrink, we see Tolbert over Foster and over at 4for4 (subscriber) Tolbert over Foster.

    Where do we look for your rankings? I am a bit confused.

    Thanks for clearing this up.

    • John Paulsen:

      I’m showing Foster over Tolbert at FP and FS. I input my rankings at FP and they feed the rankings you see here. So they should always match up other than the few minutes it takes for FP to do their updates.

      As for 4for4, those rankings are currently done by Josh Moore (who finished #4 in the FP contest last year and is currently sitting at #5 this year). I consult on them, but he has final say.

      I hope this clears things up for you.

  • Johnny:

    Hey JP,

    With the news coming out of SF. What are your thought on Kendall Hunter ? Gore haven’t been doing good, but is that him or the O-line ? If Gore is limited or might be out, how high will you rank Kendall up the board ? Really hurting at RB so any help is appreciated, wasted 1st pick on Mendy, not about to give up on him yet, but mang he’s killing me but can’t blame him on that injured O-line.

    • Patrick:

      I know you were addressing Mr. Paulsen, but I’m a Gore owner too and have been for the past several years. I’ve watched 2 of the 3 SF games and Gore has definately lost a step, he’s not the same back he was even last year or the year before. Kendall Hunter stepped in with the same line last week and looked much more impressive and explosive. I was hoping Gore would sit out a few games because I think Hunter could step in and score big time ff points.

  • Mike:

    Hey John,

    Thanks for your rankings, really appreciate all the hard work you put into this – it makes a great resource for all your readers!

    Any chance you’d start D. Moore (OAK) or D. Nelson (BUF) over Mendenhall in the flex this week? I loved Mendenhall’s situation going into the season, but watching this obliterated version of the Steelers O-Line repeatedly fail to open any holes makes me wonder if he’s start worthy, or if he’s going to be a bust all season.


  • Phil:

    Should I play Nelson or Lynch in my flex?

  • Scott:

    Hey, John. I have Jacoby Ford and Mike Sims-Walker and have to drop one. Who do you think winds up with the better year from this week on? I’m thinking the Rams will rebound and Sims-Walker will have a nice year.

  • Scott:

    Here are my RBs – McFadden, R Bush, S Greene, M Igram and J Stewart. Do you think Bush will be completely useless the rest of the year? I’m thinking of dropping him for Michael Bush to handcuff McFadden, but I think M Bush only has value if McFadden gets hurt.

  • I have a feeling that Fred Jackson is just going to shred the Cincy D. He should move up in the list.

  • Patrick:


    I need some advice for week 4. I’m in a PPR/PPC(arry)/0.5PPC(ompletion). In need some advice on whom to start this week. Chris Johnson and Frank Gore are absolutely killing me. Both of my games, I’ve lost by around 10pts. In the scoring format above, would you start Frank Gore, Kevin Kolb, Ernest Graham(who has more PPR points than CJ), or Nate Washington? My lineup is below, if you see anything else you would change, please let me know. Thank you, this site has won me alot of games the past couple years.

    QB: Freeman
    RB: Chris Johnson
    RB: Ahmad Bradshaw
    WR: Steve Johnson
    WR: Hakeem Nicks
    TE: Owen Daniels
    Flex(QB/RB/WR): ?

    • John Paulsen:

      Chris Johnson has his best matchup of the season this week, so I’d have him out there. Rest of your linup looks good. I’d go with Kolb at flex.

  • Mark:

    I have a trade offer of Welker and Hightower for Rice and McCluster. Nicks and DJax are my best receivers. McFadden, Sproles and Tolbert are my other Rb’s. League is PPR and counts return yards. Looking at the SoS on 4for4, it seems like it might be worth it, although the trade values say otherwise. Unsure what to do. Oh and thanks for turning me on to 4for4. I don’t know how I lived without it for all these seasons!

  • Garett:

    Ive got a tough one for you. Which three wide recievers should I start this week?

    Andre Johnson…
    Reggie Wayne
    Lance Moore
    Marques Colston
    Devery Henderson

    lol dont ask how i ended up with 3 saints… im probably trading devery for Aaron Hernandez… i have Gronkowski.

  • Brandon:


    I was lucky enough to claim Nate Washington off of the waiver wire this week but now I’m stuck. Is Nate Washington a better option that Santonio Holmes this week? Holmes really hasn’t done anything for me this year but he has such great potential. Washington, on the other hand, also has a big upside now that Kenny Britt is out. Who would you lean towards considering this week’s matchups?

    • BIGTom:

      John has Santonio Holmes ranked ahead of Nate Washington in both formats this week. A few reasons could be that New York is throwing the ball more frequently now and Santonio has been expected to get more targets going forward.

      Now that Kenny Britt is sidelined, Cleveland CB Joe Haden will be on Nate Washington which should reduce his productivity.

      I’m not John, but I hope this helps!

  • Eric:

    Hey, thanks for all the effort put into the rankings. I like how you don’t just list all of the big names verbatim at the top like most ESPN and Yahoo guys. Anyways, I have a couple dilemmas this week. I have Romo and Cutler and am leaning towards Cutler right now. I know you have him ranked higher but could you explain a little? Also, do you think Hunter will get significant playing time this week? I am thinking of using him in FLEX and I have Donald Jones and Kellen Winslow also available. Who would you feel best about putting in that spot?

    • John Paulsen:

      Romo is a better QB, but Cutler has a great matchup with a Chris Gamble-less Panther secondary that has struggled to stop the pass. Romo is w/o Austin and may be w/o Bryant too. At the very least, Bryant isn’t 100%. I feel better about Cutler this week — and he is the #13 QB thus far.

    • John Paulsen:

      I’d go with Hunter there. Eagles terrible against the run and Gore is starting but iffy.