Week 2 Rankings

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  • Mike:

    I know you list Eli manning over Ryan Fitzpatrick, but after starting eli over ryan last week and seeing how that ended up, I’m considering switching this week…

  • Alex:

    Does your outlook on Foster change if he is considered 100% by the end of the week or do you still think his matchup this week (and injury history) is enough to keep him at 7?

  • Chris:

    Just wondering who you think is more worthy of a roster spot, Thomas Jones or Daniel Thomas?

  • P Smurf:

    Why is everyone so high on Hillis when the Bengals defense he couldn’t perform on is just as bad as the Colts?

    I’m thinking of starting Benson over him, who’s better O-Line should help him repeat his success against Denver..

    • John Paulsen:

      The Bengals aren’t bad against the run. They’ve been solid in that department the last two years.

  • Chris:

    One more question. I was offered James Starks and Kerry Collins, and I would give up Brandon Jacobs and Josh Freeman. I already have Romo at QB so I don’t really need Freeman, and Starks has a lot of potential. I would obviously cut Collins right away. Do you think this is a good trade for me?

  • Ryan:

    I really want to play Sproles, but that would mean benching Ray Rice, Frank Gore, or Cedric Benson. What do?

    • Jaydawgfromthe "D"(MI):

      Bench Gore and benson fo sure Darren S is trying to make SD look to see that they made a huge mistake Darren plays to win every game your only issue is how much NO coaching staff will play him in my eyes they will let him rip Good luck Ryan

  • Larry:

    If Foster is held out another week, how high would you rank Tate?

  • Mike:


    Appreciate your input on a weekly basis. Why are you so high on both Rivers and NE D/ST this week? If you believe that it will be a shootout and Rivers will be a great play, shouldn’t NE be ranked lower? I’ve been playing match-ups because I did not draft an elite D/ST and someone just dropped NE. I have Tampa D/ST and was thinking of picking up NE for this week. What are your thoughts?


    • John Paulsen:

      So high? I have NE DT at #8. That’s actually a bit low for them since I think they are a top 5 or 6 fantasy defense. Rivers is capable of big fantasy days but the SD offense was actually a pretty good matchup for fantasy defenses in 2010.

  • Mike:

    I have a decision between Arian Foster & Reggie Bush. If Arian is active, should I bench Reggie or expect Arian to not get much action?

  • Joe:

    Thanks for the rankings, John. Where would you rank Lance Moore if he’s good to go this week against the Bears? Thanks.

  • Dan:

    Hey John,

    I have a flex spot where I can play Q/R/W/T PPR league. Not sure if I should start Bradford, Benie Wells, Woodhead, Devery Henderson, or Aaron Hernandez. Can you give me any advice? Thanks!

  • John:

    How much more do you like Gronkowski over Daniels (at TE spot)? San Diego usually plays Pats pretty tough and with injury to Walters and Daniels lack of involvement last week, I expect him to have a better day in WK 2. THoughts?

  • Jaydawgfromthe "D"(MI):

    Hey I picked up WR Cobb from GB what are your feeling on him and how often GB is going to exploit him??? Question #2 can anything good come out of holding onto Austin Collie and J Addai and for those who have Reggie wayne and the rest of the colts wide outs I know it is only week 2 but will the colts rid themselves of Kerry Collins if and when he fluffs up again?? Question #3 during my draft I messed up on picking RB’s so I picked up Keiland Williams for Detroit I really liked him in washington last season except for the coach and his lack of using KW, does anyone know if Detroit will let him of his leash this weekend hosting the chiefs???And last but not least…..I have Braylon Edwards on the bench but can drop him for Anthony Armstrong,Jabar Gaffney,Mike Goodson,or Ted Ginn Jr are any of these a better pick up than Edwards in your opinion??? I don’t follow SF and kinda shaken by their QB Thanks for your time and hope you can help me out good luck this week

  • John:

    would you start F. Jones or Tolbert? F. Jones is ranked slightly higher but I can see San Diego entrusting to Tolbert most of the carries/screens on the road in NE, especially to keep NE offense off the field. Also to keep in mind, I start Romo at QB, so if I didn’t start F. Jones at RB, Romo still gets points for any connections with F. Jones.

  • Jaymz:

    Could you explain the ECR column please?

  • Stefan Byramji:

    2 QB league , 6 pts for a TD. My QBs are really week – Flacco & Cassel.

    I get Matt Stafford, Ahmad Bradshaw and Mike Sim-Walker.

    I give Hakeem Nicks and Arian Foster.

    I still have Brandon Lloyd, Maclin, Santonio, Braylon Edwards & Lance Moore at WR. I also have Michael Turner, J Stewart, Woodhead, and the incoming Ahmad Bradshaw at RB…

    Am I nuts to go for it? 4 for 4 trade values say no, but I feel desperate at QB with no backups at all, and I think Stafford hasn’t been properly valued there…

  • Scott McShane:

    I need some help. I just lost J Charles for the year. Should I add Thomas Jones or Jonathan Stewart? There are no other backs of significance available.

  • Eli Houghton:

    I have been offered this trade. Do you think should I take it?

    Give up:
    Hillis and VJax

    CJ2K and Dez Bryant

  • John:

    what do you think of this trade? I trade Mathews, shonn greene, and dez bryant for chris johnson and mike williams

  • Michael:

    Hey John,

    Would you drop any one of the following for Denarius Moore? Pierre Garcon, Jacoby Ford, Antonio Brown, or Marshawn Lynch?