Week 1 Rankings

I’m being told that some readers are seeing my season rankings instead of my weekly rankings. (You will know if you see Aaron Rodgers as the #1 ranked QB instead of Michael Vick. I have Vick ranked #1 in Week 1.) I have informed FantasyPros (which powers these rankings) about the problem but they are unable to duplicate it. Hit refresh a few times and/or try a different browser. Sorry for the inconvenience…but hey, at least my rankings are free!

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58 Responses to “Week 1 Rankings”

  • Rouge:

    First of all, thanks for your rankings. I’ll be checking this on a weekly basis. Second, don’t know if you’ll read this but who would you start, Jeremy Maclin or Mike Tolbert? NON PPR. Appreciate your insight.

  • V:


    I’m surprised you rank Bradford as high as you do, especially above Sanchez who’s playing an anemic Cowboys secondary. Bradford is playing against Namdi and Samuel… what’s your logic for this ranking?

    • John Paulsen:

      I have him ranked at #19 so he’s a middle of the road QB2. Tough matchup, but STL could fall behind and have to throw the ball 40+ times which means garbage stats. Jets offense has been brutal in the preseason.

  • Roddy (not the WR):

    I have been considering benching Ray Rice and starting L. Blount and B. Wells all day. After looking @ your rankings, I am beginning to think that panic has already set in and it is only week 1. Perhaps I pulled a mental hamstring due to no OTAs. Am I losing it? Also, can you prescribe something for matchup anxiety? Anyway, If I… no… since I am going with Rice, I have to choose between Blount and Wells. Which do you recommend?

    Also, Texans or Bears DST?

    thanx in advance!

  • brent:

    i think matt shaub could be a little low because indy’s pass defense all pre-season has been very bad

  • brent:

    houstons defense could have a huge day vs kerry collins

  • JOhnny:

    hey JP

    for a flex non-ppr, gave 1 points for every 20 return yard. Do you start Percy Harvin over Reggie Bush ? Harvin and MIN will play catch up and prolly have a LOT of chance for returning kick. Bush and MIA will play catch up to NE too, and I dont think he will play a big part in that. What your take JP ?

  • Anthony:


    Always aprreciate your insight. Surprised to see Romo ranked so high against the Jets secondary. Needless to to say I have him and Stafford, now you have me second guessing my self a bit about starting Stafford. Any thoughts?

  • Andy:

    Why Ryan over Stafford? Ryan seems to have the harder match-up in CHI.

  • Ozzy:

    What is ECR ?

  • tim:

    what’s with your defensive ranks? you don’t care about it? cleveland has one of the better matchups and they’re not even on your list. 9ers 18?

  • Nick:

    Why is Ryan above Big Ben? I have both and am unsure who to start. Thanks

  • Mario:

    Thanks for last season’s help.. To kick off the new season I need to start either harvin or R.Bush as my flex. And also if possible would it be a good trade for Mcfadden for Harvin/R.Bush… My team consist of Brady, J.Charles, Bradshaw,Mcgahee,S.Johnson, Holmes, M.Thomas J.Ford,Grahm and Cooley

  • Wesley:

    I used your rankings during my draft and grabbed an excellent team. I see you rank Hightower over Greene. I took Greene 2 rounds earlier than Hightower and it’s hard for me to start him over Greene in week one. Your thoughts on playing a draft bench player over a drafted starter in week one?

  • Isaac:

    Hey John,

    Not looking for advice, just wanted to let you know I used your analysis (especially your draft recaps) to field a great team this year. You’re really an amazing resource. I’ll be subscribing to 4for4 ASAP.

    Thanks again.

    • Isaac:

      Oh, I’m in a 16 team league and my draft panned out so well I feel like I could hold my own in a 12 team. Thanks!

  • JP:

    Have your rankings been fixed? I still see your season rankings. Using IE 9.

  • scholeseye:

    this is helpful –
    your opinion – who should i start at flex – jahvid best or mario manningham? my gut tells me mario, but numbers say best, and I am playing non-PPR

  • GCM:

    Thanks for the advice from the Big Board RB comments. I ended up with Ryan and McFadden. I was looking to get Roethlisberger and Forte, but they were gone. My team is solid all the way around because of that decision though. Are you going to be doing the DSTBC article this season?

  • John Paulsen:

    For those of you asking questions, please read this first.

  • Michael:

    Hi John, will you be posting PPR rankings as well? Or is that only on the 4for4 stie? Thanks! And thanks for your advice throughout last season. I almost got the trophy!

  • GCM:

    BTW – I am a member of 4for4 because of you. However, i wasn’t aware of your link when i subscrided. I wish i would have known about it to help you get the credit for my membership, because you have helped me last season and this preseason more than you know. Thanks and keep up the good work man.

  • GRR:

    Hey John I’d be lying if I said you didn’t help me WIN my league Championship…THANK YOU..

    OK now for the favor of knowledge… PPR league .
    Start either Gronkowski OR Dallas Clark as required …then either TE or RB as a flex
    J. Addai or Clark or Gronkowski to fill flex spot……..kind of nervous with Manning being out and having 3 Colts on my team.
    WR’s—— Meachem ,Collie or J. Ford for my 3rd wr???. Thanks again for your cerebral power!!

  • Hey John 4for4 subrscriber here…all 3 of my drafts went fantastically thanks to your rankings…was wondering how confident you are that beanie wells outperforms jahvid best this week, i have to choose one of them as a flex…beanie wells burned me last year, not because of his competition, just because of him sucking most of the year…do you think this is his breakout season, or just highly recommend any starting RB against Carolina DEF? Thanks


    • John Paulsen:

      I have similar reservations about Wells but he looks more like rookie Wells than sophomore Wells and that’s a good thing. That said, I’d have no problem with anyone who wants to start Best over Wells this week. It’s pretty close from 10-19 in STD this week.

  • Steve:

    Who would you start at the flex position as a DMC owner…J.Ford or M.Bush? 0.5 PPR. I also have Tate on my bench but I’m way too confused with what to expect should Foster not play.. Help! lol

    • John Paulsen:

      I’d roll with Ford. I don’t think Foster is going to play, but I believe Ward will get most of the carries barring a blowout.

  • V:

    I would love to see a Big Board with all positions included to help me make those tough flex spot decisions like Jacoby Ford vs. Greg Olsen.

  • Hey JP. 2-1 for Week 1, and my loss was 169-163 to a guy that picked up 42 points from SF defense and 15 from SF kicker and no one else in the league topped 140…all in all a success. I wanted your opinion on a trade – heres my roster – QB Stafford, Kolb, RB – McFadden,McCoy, Best, Wells; WR – Mike Wallace, Mike Williams, Santana Moss, Nate Burleson, Greg Little, TE – Owen Daniels… we start 3 WR 2 RB and a flex, I offered Beanie Wells and Nate Burleson for Larry Fitzgerald, I can keep Best at the Flex and upgrade from Santana Moss and my starting WR3 to Fitz, but I have no back up RB on my bench, all though I am hoping to claim cadillac williams with the #3 waiver claim. Thoughts?

  • Joshua C:

    JP.. i had manning and he is out so i have Matt Ryan as my QB. After that week 1 im looking at backups. Should i cut manning and if so should i add C. Mccoy, S. Bradford, J, Flacco, K. Kolb, or R. Fitzpatrick?? Out of those 5 who would u add?